Kingmakers: Right Wing Media Heavyweights Inflating Trump For Shady Reasons

Kingmakers: Right Wing Media Heavyweights Inflating Trump For Shady Reasons

The mainstream media has spent the past month coping with Donald Trump’s race to the top of the Republican primary polls. First there was denial and mockery, and now acceptance and something like begrudging admiration. But they are being conned. We all are.

Trump is not a serious candidate and he isn’t going to become one. He’s a real estate mogul who inherited a lot of money. And because his ego is boundless, he’s a reality TV hustler who doesn’t know the meaning of shame. However, Trump is by far the richest person in the race. So, he has more room to maneuver, more to gain, and less to lose, than anyone else in the race. Because Jeb! is ‘supposed to be’ the front runner, but is very weak, he is creating chaos in the race. This chaos creates a huge opening for the biggest opportunists and propagandists to exploit.

The two titans of right wing media, Rush Limbaugh and Roger Ailes are “old friends,” who first worked together in 1992. Ailes is the master of Fox “News” while Limbaugh is the loudest shrieking ghoul of the conservative radio waves. Together, they shape how millions of average Republican voters view the world. And both of them are elevating Trump.

When Trump criticized Senator John McCain for being “captured” in Vietnam, Limbaugh El Rush-ed to Trump’s defense. Limbaugh criticized the ‘political establishment,’ for trying to get rid of Trump. Conservative blogs began to take up Limbaugh’s cry to support Trump. After weeks of sustained glowing coverage of Trump, some of Limbaugh’s listeners began to call up Limbaugh, a bit befuddled. Why, they wanted to know, was Limbaugh supporting Trump, when Ted Cruz had proven himself for many years to be a staunch conservative activist and an all-around pretty great jackass. Limbaugh essentially told them he’s not supporting Trump per se, but he’s also not NOT supporting Trump. Wink. And he told them just to trust him.

Meanwhile, Fox “News” has been giving Trump far more coverage overall, and more glowing coverage than anyone else in the race, for over a month. Ailes feuded publicly with conservative media overlord, Rupert Murdoch, who wants to build up a serious conservative candidate, pronto. Ailes didn’t care.

When Trump released his “immigration plan,” Fox responded as if Trump were some sort of visionary statesman, because Trump doesn’t understand the 14th Amendment, and is pandering to bigots who think tormenting millions of Hispanics will bring jobs back from China.

When Megyn Kelly crossed Trump in the first debate, she took an abrupt, “unplanned” two-week vacation. Ailes called Trump and promised him “fair” coverage. Trump said that Ailes is a “great guy” and trusts “his word.” The Hollywood Reporter asked Trump if he needs Fox to win the nomination, and Trump said that Fox “is very important.”

Together, Fox and Limbaugh are not only fawning over Trump as the front runner, but, because they have so much influence over Republican primary voters, they are actually MAKING him the front runner. The Trump campaign is a speculative bubble, highly inflated by Fox’s and Limbaugh’s irrational exuberance.

Why are Ailes and Limbaugh doing this? It’s clear that they want something. The billionaires, like the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson, who fund Republican campaigns, do so because they want to exercise power, and accrue money and personal advantage. Limbaugh and Ailes, and probably smaller media entities in their orbit, are puffing up Trump for similar reasons. There is a great deal of power in demonstrating to the GOP establishment that they can make a candidate flourish — and by extension, they can destroy a candidate. With such a crowded Republican field, the serious candidates, like Bush, Walker and Rubio, are being drowned out by a car overflowing with clowns. Trump is floating to the top, partly because he’s so rich he doesn’t need to be a mouthpiece for a billionaire, so he can say whatever he wants, but partly, because Ailes and Limbaugh are lending him their megaphones.

If Bush, Walker or Rubio are going to win the nomination, they’re going to have to get through Trump first. By fueling Trump’s campaign, Ailes and Limbaugh have made themselves the gatekeepers to the Republican nomination. They will have to be appeased before anyone with real political chops gets the nomination. And all those hundreds of millions of Super PAC dollars have to go somewhere.

Ailes and Limbaugh are inflating Trump as part of an elaborate con run against the Republican party. They want to be kingmakers, but they’re not making Trump king, they’re making themselves lords of the primary.

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Marc Belisle is the Reverb Press World Affairs Editor. He is a writer, activist and teacher. He has a Master’s degree in International Conflict Analysis from the Brussels School of International Studies. READ MORE BY MARC.