Maher Just Coined A Perfect (And Creepy) Term For Trump's Relationship With Ivanka (VIDEO)

Maher Just Coined A Perfect (And Creepy) Term For Trump’s Relationship With Ivanka (VIDEO)

Bill Maher Nails It

Bill Maher summed up the weird relationship between Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka with a new phrase.


The phrase popped up during a chat between the comedian and Van Jones on The Messy Truth. As the two discussed the recent drama surrounding Ivanka’s failed product line being pulled from department stores, Maher threw the term out.

When asked initially how “things” (as in the Trump presidency) seem to be going, Bill answered that it is exactly what we expected and yet, somehow, ten times worse than we could imagine. He spoke about how the entire presidency seems defined by the number of crazy statements Trump manages to make in a single day. For instance, he explained, the news lately had been all about Trump’s “daughter-wife, Ivanka…”

He had to stop speaking as the crowd reacted, with laughter.

Bill Maher Makes Some Excellent Points Between The Jokes

However, despite the glib toss-off, Bill Maher had a point. When, exactly, is Trump doing the real work of the presidency, in between all the “crazy stuff”? When does he find time to read and ingest the presidential daily briefings, if he is too busy obsessively watching cable news and tweeting about Saturday Night Live? And those statements Trump does make, Bill Maher inserts – from the complete falsehood that the murder rate is way up to the confounding fabrication that the press does not cover terrorist attacks – are completely insane. Just one such statement, Maher says, would be enough for an entire administration over a term.

Yet Trump manages to say something crazy daily.

It is exhausting to keep up with…and in the age of Trump, rife with alternative facts, it’s certainly going to be a full-time job.

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And it’s no small wonder that Bill landed upon the “daughter-wife” title. For more on that, watch the video below.

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