'Ignorant', 'Impulsive' Trump is Either Demented, or a 'Spoiled Brat', Dr.'s Agree (VIDEO)

‘Ignorant’, ‘Impulsive’ Trump is Either Demented, or a ‘Spoiled Brat’, Dr.’s Agree (VIDEO)

Two Mental Health Pros Give Differing But Equally Merciless Assessments Of Donald Trump

The explosive book from Michael Wolff has reignited the debate surrounding the mental fitness of Republican Donald Trump. While the debate really never went away, anecdotes from Wolff have brought the question back with a fury.

Particularly damning is the notion that everyone around Trump thinks he is unfit for the job he is doing so badly. Wolff went so far as to say “100 percent” of the people around the president think he is unfit for office, including daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner. Wolff also insinuated Trump has been repeating stories in shortened periods of time and doesn’t realize he has already told them.

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Erin Burnett invited two mental health professionals onto her CNN show to talk about what they have noticed while observing Donald Trump from afar. Neither was too kind in their assessments of the Republican president.

Dr. John Gartner called it a “scandal” that Trump wouldn’t receive a proper exam in his upcoming physical and warned it was a matter of “national security”. He said:

This is a matter of national security. Why would we only look at his blood pressure and not look at what may be a degenerative, neurological disorder that we’re seeing clear signs of?…We’re looking at hard signs of medical, physical, cognitive deterioration. Why wouldn’t we test for those things?

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Dr. Allen Frances had a slightly different take on the matter, but still unleashed a brutal slam of Donald Trump. He stated:

He is the most unfit person to have in this office that I could possibly imagine. But it’s an insult to the mentally ill to say that the reason that he shouldn’t be in office is mental illness. He’s a bad person. He’s an ignorant person. He’s impulsive. He’s been like this his entire life. 

Frances goes on to downplay the idea that Trump will be removed through the 25th Amendment. He also says this discussion distracts from the work of “containing the spoiled brat”.

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It certainly seems unlikely Trump will be removed through the 25th Amendment, despite the continued warnings from mental health pros. And his compulsive lying and rampant narcissism will continue unabated.

But that may not matter since a more likely path to eventual downfall for Donald Trump continues to be carried out by Robert Mueller. It appears to be a race between which of these may trigger his departure first. Seems the safe bet is still the Special Counsel. At least for now.

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