Nancy Pelosi's Priceless Reaction to Trump's State of the Union 'Unity' BS is Everything

Nancy Pelosi’s Priceless Reaction to Trump’s State of the Union ‘Unity’ BS is Everything

President (for now) Donald Trump, who, with the help of a soulless and treasonous Republican party establishment that is shamefully willing to aid and abet his efforts is desperately trying to undermine the law enforcement investigations into his likely treason, started his first (and let’s hope, last) State of the Union Address with a complete bullshit call for “unity”.

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With this treasonous creep and his party of sell outs? Hardly. And Nancy Pelosi’s face said it all:

The reactions were priceless:

Clearly, Joy Reid was amused.

Although, clearly, Pelosi wasn’t.

Even right wing hate profiteer Dinesh D’Souza had to give Pelosi a back handed compliment.

Way to go Nancy! And give it up, Trump. You’re going down. The Resistance is NOT futile!

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