NEW POLL: World Absolutely Despises Donald Trump -- Who They Love Will Turn His Cheeto-Face Blood-Red

NEW POLL: World Absolutely Despises Donald Trump — Who They Love Will Turn His Cheeto-Face Blood-Red

Polling Shows Republican Donald Trump Hated, Obama And Hillary Clinton Loved

Republican presidential nominee and GOP standard-bearer Donald Trump loves to brag about…well, everything. He really loves to boast about how much he loves particular groups of people and they allegedly love him back.  The problem, of course, is polls show this is typically not true. We can now add another group of people that absolutely can’t stand Trump: the majority of the world. And who do they love instead of Trump? The answers might be enough to turn the color of Trump’s face from Boehner to Elmo: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

In new polling by Pew Research, the world confidence numbers for Donald Trump are downright dismal, while attitudes toward Obama stay strong. Even more angering to Trump, Hillary Clinton has seen her popularity rise since 2008.

Pew polled fifteen countries (Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, France, Australia, Canada, UK, Japan, Spain, Italy, Poland, Hungary, India, China, Greece) and the results are staggering. Asked who they have confidence in to do the right thing in world affairs, a majority in every country but Greece expressed a positive response to Barack Obama. Ten countries have majorities that favor Clinton. For Trump, however, it’s a vastly different story.

In only three countries did a meager twenty to twenty-two percent of people express confidence in Donald Trump. Seven countries came in at single digits. And to make matters even more embarrassing, confidence in Vladimir Putin was better than Trump in thirteen out of fifteen countries, and one of the two exceptions was a tie.

Confidence in Barack Obama in Europe has stayed incredibly strong. Overall, he began his first term at 86 percent confidence and, after recovering from a dip in recent years, is back at 79 percent. Needless to say, he’s outdone his predecessor, George W. Bush, by a colossal amount.

In other words, a very large chunk of the modernized world loves Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and absolutely hates Donald Trump.

And that shouldn’t be particularly surprising considering how much Trump is hated in the U.S. by so many. His unfavorable rating is the highest for any modern presidential candidate on record. He just polled at one percent with African-Americans. A record ratio of women may vote against him in November. And he is on pace to drive a record number of Hispanics away from the Republican party.

And the world clearly despises him.

How much more of a message has to be sent for the American people to shun Republican Donald Trump in November?

Featured image by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images.

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