New Yorkers Loudly Boo Donald Trump As He Arrives At Polling Place To Vote (VIDEO)

New Yorkers Loudly Boo Donald Trump As He Arrives At Polling Place To Vote (VIDEO)

Trump arrived at his polling place, a school in New York City, Tuesday morning, and was greeted by a determined crowd of New Yorkers, held back by the police, who booed the candidate, The Daily Beast reported. The crowd booed, jeered, heckled and shouted unintelligible things at Trump. Ivanka Trump and other family members of the New York billionaire were also seen. Ivanka seemed to turn and wave at the crowd, but then gave them a quizzical look as she realized they weren’t exactly a friendly audience.

The New York City businessman first entered politics a year and a half ago by declaring that Mexico sends rapists and murderers to America. In the interim, he has managed to insult virtually everyone in America, and a large percentage of everyone in the world. As a businessman, he once epitomized the glitz, glamor and excess of the Big Apple. But New Yorkers also represent a fierce pride in the melting pot, neighborliness, and tough, tenacious independence. That ethos is what makes America great. And as Trump’s campaign of berating America finally comes to an end, they wanted to let him know what they think of him. They know what he’s really like, because he slapped his tacky, gaudy emblems on the city, starting in the 70s, and has been a bull in a china shop in New York’s business and political life since. By the end of Tuesday, all of America will get the chance to let Donald know what they think of him.

Watch New Yorkers boo Trump as he arrives to vote:

Featured image via Harrisoncomedy / Twitter video screencap

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