Trump Tweeted that his Horror Show Phoenix Rally was "Packed." This Video Proves He Lied

Trump Tweeted that his Horror Show Phoenix Rally was “Packed.” This Video Proves He Lied

Wednesday sees America awakening with a new sense of dread and distress following Tuesday night’s horror show of a Trump campaign rally in Phoenix.


If you watch true, *actual* media (READ: Not FOX), you will see, this morning, talking heads from coast to coast recoiling with a new ferocity. Clearly, the battle lines have been drawn. It’s now official. The nation has been plunged gruesomely into a culture war that, on the one hand, now has a new, dog-whistling king. Gone are the days where the nation’s leaders at least pretended to be moving the nation forward, mindful of the fragile nature of any populace and the delicate structure of this republic.

The new normal, then, is a heady mix of propaganda news stations, Russian Twitter bots, hate-driven websites and frothing, grand (dragon) displays of “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” style hocus-pocus. Donald Trump calls the latter “campaign rallies.”

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James Clapper, a retired general and the nation’s Director of National Intelligence under Barack Obama, speaking to CNN, called the Phoenix rally “downright scary,” and “disturbing,” adding,

“…I wonder how much longer we’re going to have to endure this.” 

He also worries about Trump having the nuclear codes and his “fitness for office.” Jesus Christ, what sane adult doesn’t?

On Tuesday, while the vast majority of our nation was collectively recovering our jaws from the floor, Trump tweeted that his rally in Phoenix had been “packed.” Of course, that’s false.

As Trump is want to do, he flat-out lied. The Phoenix rally was decidedly not attended by 15,000 people. Luckily for us, David Catanese, of US News and World Report was also in attendance, and dutifully tweeted out pictures and videos that clearly show that Trump was lying. To paraphrase Mr. Catanese, it wasn’t even close.

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Back on land, Trump’s attacks on the news media are of particular import. He’s attempting to discredit anyone who attempts to hold him accountable, for anything. We can’t allow that.

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This morning, Trump supporters are desperately trying to re-write last night’s history by circulating a picture of the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers parade, claiming it was shot of the crowd at the rally. This is what we are up against. These audacious attacks on truth and the media show no signs of waning, in fact, even as Trump’s approval ratings are at historic lows, with each passing day he seems more emboldened to press his marauding attack. In light of this new, horrible reality, it is incumbent on us as citizens to resist.

The truth is out there.

Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

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