Report: Disgusting Republican Bigot Steve King's Days Could be Numbered

Report: Disgusting Republican Bigot Steve King’s Days Could be Numbered

A Chance to be Rid of Steve King and his bigotry

In an optimistic piece from The Intercept’s Zaid Jilani, there is a good chance that the country may finally get rid of Iowa’s 4th district congressman and scourge of democracy Steve King, thanks to a surge in support behind some progressive Democratic candidates.

King is someone who may not need to an introduction. Whether you paid attention to the political scene during the Bush or Obama years, you know that the Iowa Congressman is first and foremost a reactionary Republican: the same breed of conservative vermin that continuously support Trump. His mind thrives in a Jim Crow era where whites were not only superior to African Americans, but had the ability to do whatever they wanted without concern for the law.

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A look at both his voting record and official political views prove this statement beyond a shadow of a doubt. In addition to taking typical Republican stances like being anti-choice, anti-gay rights, and refusing to believe the overwhelming scientific evidence that climate change is real, King has adopted some horrifying positions that go beyond what used to be typical GOP dogma, like publicly supporting the Confederate Flag, advocating racial profiling, disgustingly championing dog-fighting, asserting that President Obama’s middle name of “Hussein” would result in terrorists “dancing in the streets” in celebration”, and questioning whether any ethnic group other than whites had ever done anything worthwhile for society, openly, on national TV.

As such, it would be a very welcome change if United States could be free of this man and his disturbing rhetoric. Now, as mentioned before, several candidates from the Democratic Party have emerged that can pose a serious threat to King in the midterm elections this year. In particular,  J.D. Scholten, a former professional baseball player that has raised a significant amount of money that rivals King’s reelection bid.

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Scholten, like other non-centrist Democrats, has taken popular populist progressive positions like a $15.00 minimum wage and push for universal healthcare: positions which Independent senator Bernie Sanders proved, during the 2016 Democratic Primary, are revered even in red states.

Where King’s record shows he is driven by greed and a need to take the country back to the post-Reconstruction Era, Scholten is a genuine family values man that just wants to help people, having been inspired to move into the political scene thanks to his Grandmother Fern’s kind upbringing:

“My inspiration, Grandma Fern, passed away last December. One of the last things she told me was that I should move back to Iowa and take care of our farm outside of Lake Mills. Being at her funeral, at the rural church where she was an active member for most of her life, I felt a strong pull to come home.”

“I remembered an article I had read a few years before that said life is not about the pursuit of happiness, but it’s about the pursuit of meaningfulness,” he said. “It was in that moment of clarity I realized that the most meaningful thing I could do is to move back home to Iowa and to fight for what I believe in.”

Scholten has described his campaign’s message as being one of unity, and not simply being anti-King:

“We’re grateful for the amount of support this campaign has received. At first, our focus was to get out on the road to engage with as many people as possible. At the time, people liked us simply because I wasn’t Steve King. Now we’re seeing the shift to people responding to our message of inclusiveness.”

I wish him the best of luck and ask everyone to please consider chipping in to his campaign here. Every cent counts.

Featured image composite by Reverb Press; Steve King via Youtube, J.D. Scholten via Twitter.

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