Racist Trump Ally Paladino Fired From NY School Board After Crude Comments About Obama

Racist Trump Ally Paladino Fired From NY School Board After Crude Comments About Obama

Carl Paladino, the co-chairman of Donald Trump’s New York campaign and member of a local school board caused a great deal of controversy last week when he made crude and racist remarks about President Obama and the First Lady.

Paladino’s School Board Days May Be numbered

Now the New York-based Buffalo County School Board is demanding that he resign, NBC News reports.

Paladino is a huge Trump supporter and amillionaire developer who wrote the offensive comments in a local publication.

What did he write?

He said he wished  that President Obama would die of mad cow disease “after being caught having relations with a [cow],” and that Michelle Obama should “return to being a male and let loose in the outback of Zimbabwe where she lives comfortably in a cave with Maxie, the gorilla.” He also had words for Valerie Jarrett, an adviser to Obama. She should be decapitated by “a jihady cell mate” while serving time in prison, he wrote.

He also had this to say:

“Obama has not led America to a better place by disregarding the rule of law and standing with his elitist brethren as above the law nor has his wife Michele [sic] Obama who told our children and the world after the election that now ‘there is no hope for America.”

His comments sparked outrage and protesters around the country demanded his resignation. The school board voted 6-2 to give Paladino 24 hours to resign. The board’s decision spurred a loud and sustained standing ovation from the school board chambers.

And Paladino is also known to have sent a threatening email to Utah GOP delegate Stefani Williams, who was against Trump, telling her she should be “hung for treason.” He also told her he would “be in your face” at the convention, CNN reported.

Right before the vote was held, district President Barbara Nevergold said, in a closing statement, that Paladino had failed students who were under his care—especially minority students, because he reduced their role models to “depraved individuals.”

“Words matter Mr. Paladino,” she said. “As a sitting board member you have amassed a record and established a pattern of behavior that is equally egregious and violates your oath of office and professional ethics as a board of education member.”

Nevergold described hundreds of “incredulous” complaints she and other board members said they had received since Paladino’s statements became public.

“They would like me to tell you, ‘You’re fired,’” she said, before an appreciative—and applauding crowd. “But those are not my words. So I’m asking you to do the right thing and resign.”

Earlier this week, Paladino issued a half-hearted and defiant apology, telling a local news site that he’d sent the responses by accident, intending to only share the shockingly racist remarks with his friends, and adding that he didn’t intend to hurt the “minority community.”

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But he also defiantly insulted liberals by vowing not to leave the school board due to backlash from “vanquished progressive haters.”

“I don’t intend to yield to the fanatics among my adversaries,” Paladino said. “I certainly am not a racist.”

The Washington Post reports that if he doesn’t resign, the board will petition the New York state commissioner of education, who has the authority to initiate proceedings to remove Paladino from the panel.

In a statement issued after the vote, the New York State Education Department said:

“We will continue to closely monitor the actions by the Buffalo School Board, the Buffalo Parent-Teacher Organization and others on this matter. Once we receive an application for removal, we will review it as quickly as possible. We continue to review all of our options.”

And Nevergold has stated her position:

“We have what’s called a Dignity For All Students Act. It does not just apply to students. It applies to everyone in the district. It applies to me, every other board member, every staff members. Adults are expected to adhere to that policy and if we’re not adhering to the policy, how in the world can we ask our students to adhere to it?”

So hopefully, this man’s days are numbered. His comments hurt a lot of innocent people for no good reason. Obama may have his flaws, but he certainly doesn’t deserve to be demeaned like this.

Photo by Hiroko Masuike/Getty Images

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