Racists Rejoice As The Donald Doubles Down On Hate In Most Extreme Immigration Speech Yet

Racists Rejoice As The Donald Doubles Down On Hate In Most Extreme Immigration Speech Yet

Donald Trump Unveils Inhumane Immigration Plan

Donald Trump gave his much-anticipated “policy” speech on immigration Wednesday night. It was a speech that many felt would definitively set the tone for the remainder of his failing campaign. Would Donald Trump double down on his extreme stance on immigration, thereby solidifying an already incredibly solid base of rabid, racist fans, or would he continue with what the media has dubbed “the softening,” and tack to the center, in hopes of capturing some of the votes he has alienated with his extreme rhetoric?

With mere months to go before the election, even Trump and his campaign have finally realized that they cannot win the White House on white votes alone, no matter how much they wish they could. Trump has alienated all demographics but white men so thoroughly that most experts agree there is really no coming back, and so Donald Trump faced a choice during his speech on Wednesday night.

Will he lose the election, or will he lose really, really big?

It became apparent, moments after Trump took the stage, his orange skin aglow with racist fervor, and led the crowd in the oft-repeated centerpiece of his campaign, which choice Trump has made.

He’s going to lose really, really big.

Donald Trump stood on stage, just hours after completely choking during his meeting with the President of Mexico, and stated that he is going to build a great, big, beautiful wall – and Mexico is going to pay for it..even if they don’t know it yet.

And, as the saying goes, the crowd went wild.

Trump Knows EXACTLY What He Is Doing

Immigration has been central to Donald Trump’s campaign. Despite the fact that the rate of people entering the country has dropped significantly, Trump has inflated the issue, pumped it full of fear, racism and nativism, and then pointed to this suddenly unending, infinite string of scary brown people cascading over the border into the U.S. to rape, plunder, murder and sell drugs, and declared, “I SHALL BUILD A WALL.”

If there is no monster to slay,make one up, and then set yourself up in the role of the savior. That has been the secret to Donald Trump’s success from the very first day. Create a fear, instill the fear, exploit the fear, and then offer to correct the fear – and it has worked.

Will he deport those scary people?

You bet.

Trump stated, unequivocally, that there is but “one route and one route only” to legal status in the United States. Immigrants will need “to return home and apply for re-entry like everybody else.” There will be no effort to expedite that legal status for those who do leave and return, so this path is closed off to many, since doing so would rupture families. Immigrants who self-deport would, in fact, face years of uncertainty, waiting outside of the country in which they’ve made a home, where their children may be citizens, waiting for them.

Under Trump’s plan, 11 million living, breathing people, with hopes and dreams and families and community connections, will have no meaningful path to amnesty. And they will be targets for deportation at any time.

There Is No ‘Softening.’

And as reporters and GOP strategists alike swooned under the “softening” of Donald Trump’s extreme immigration plan because he did not use the term “mass deportation force” – don’t be fooled. As The Washington Post pointed out, Trump stated that not only are the 11 million undocumented people targets for deportation, but that efforts to actively deport these people will be significantly increased.

“Because Trump stopped using the words ‘deportation force,’ some journalists are claiming he’s ‘shelving’ mass deportations. But to focus on that is to succumb to misdirection. Trump did say he would remove criminals first. But he also said that we will be in a position to consider the ‘appropriate disposition of those individuals who remain’ only after his ‘beautiful southern border wall’ is built, all the criminals are removed, and illegal immigration is ended ‘for good.'”

Even if Trump never said the words “mass deportation force,” by removing all practical, humane paths to amnesty, as well as doubling down on the idea of increased deportation, Trump actually recommitted himself to the idea of mass deportation. He didn’t soften. He effectively doubled down on the most extreme aspects of an already extreme and inhumane immigration policy.

Trump Is The Candidate They Wanted…And The One They Deserve

But that’s what Republican voters wanted. They didn’t vote for Donald Trump because of his humanity, because of his tolerance, or pragmatism, or optimism. They voted for him because he lacks all of those things, and Donald Trump is not just giving his base what they want. He is giving them exactly what they deserve.

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The GOP can kiss the Latino vote good-bye, not just for this election, but, in all probability, for an entire generation. There is no walking back from this – especially when the leader of the party is actively running toward it, in a mad, headlong dash to total electoral decimation.

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