Reformed Republican Rips Trump Military Parade in Viral Facebook Post (VIDEO)

Reformed Republican Rips Trump Military Parade in Viral Facebook Post (VIDEO)

Author and political commentator Frank Schaeffer took to Facebook again today to speak directly to President Donald Trump. His previous Facebook viral video came just before the 2016 Presidential election. In it, he pleaded for Americans to do the right thing and vote against Donald Trump. It racked up nearly 1 million views. His 2018 clip might be even better.

Schaeffer speaks directly to trump, and Americans can not look away

Here is how the clip begins:

“While my son fought in Afghanistan twice, and once in Iraq as a United States Marine back in the beginning of our wars there that have gone on interminably, Donald Trump’s sons were chartering private jets to Africa to shoot endangered species just for fun. While thousands of Americans died in Vietnam, Donald Trump took FIVE military deferments that only rich kids got for made-up ailments. This physical coward dodged the draft in his own time, not for political reasons, because his family was far-right supporters of the Vietnam War. This physical coward has just ordered-up a military parade. I have a suggestion for Donald Trump. Instead of a military parade, why don’t you go to Arlington Cemetary and personally visit the graves of every single American who died in Vietnam, and kneel in front of them and apologize for your cowardice.” 

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Schaeffer, as noted, is a man of many talents: author, artist, and commentator. Like so many of us of a certain age, he was a Republican through the George W. Bush years. But as the Republican Party changed, he (we) felt less welcome, less attuned to the positions we were hearing. He has a lifetime of firsthand experiences, of witnessing history, and the politicians who enabled or blocked it. His commentary provides a perspective unique in today’s world where everyone seems to be a pundit. Schaeffer is more than just another grouchy old man. He is a voice of reason, a straight-talker, and proof that patriotism can come from the left as easily as from the right.

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Watch the entire video, and then share it with your friends.

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