Watch GOP senator blast Trump's rants on Russia as "too defensive"

Watch GOP senator blast Trump’s rants on Russia as “too defensive”

Trump’s Russia Rants aren’t universally popular among the GOP

As we reported yesterday, one of the biggest progressions in the Russiagate investigation occurred when Robert Mueller, the former FBI director hired as an independent special counsel to look into the case, issued charges against officials in the Trump Administration. While their names continue to remain anonymous at the time of this article’s publication, the fact that they could be facing significant prison time is a sign that Mueller has uncovered something serious.

In evident preparation for this, the President has attempted to both distract and condemn anything related to the Russia probe, not realizing that the two efforts work against each other. On the distraction side he attacked Michael Moore in a Twitter storm, while on the defensive side he has insulted the Clinton Campaign for using Russia as an excuse for losing the 2016 general election. While the latter is partially true, it is ignorant and outright unpatriotic to dismiss the views of both Mueller and the various intelligence agencies in the country that have affirmed that Russia meddled in the presidential election.

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Republicans and Democrats have partially come together in this regard in the past, from working to pass legislation that would protect Mueller from being immediately fired to having Devin Nunes unofficially removed from the house intelligence committee.

Now we have some congressmen actively speaking out against Trump’s behavior in this situation, the most recent case being Rob Portman of Ohio. Speaking to Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Portman was asked numerous questions regarding current events circulating in the news, from the recent proposed tax cut to a potential split in the Republican voter base. But the final topic they came to was of the Russia investigation. Showing a clip of Trump going on, yet another, unprofessional rant over the topic, Todd inquired to Portman about whether or not he agreed that Russiagate was a hoax.

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To Portman’s credit, he gave a flat out response that Trump was being “too defensive” with regards to the area, saying that, since he won the election, he should stop trying to ignore the fact that Russian cyberterrorists did play a role in penetrating our national security apparatus.

Regardless of what you may think of Portman as a whole, this is the kind of rhetoric that we need more Republicans to say as Mueller’s investigation draws to a close. Check out the video footage below of both the specific clip of Portman speaking, as well as the whole interview on “Meet the Press.”

Image a screen capture from YouTube video

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