The Right Wing Noise Machine Just Smeared a Dying War Hero to Protect Trump

The Right Wing Noise Machine Just Smeared a Dying War Hero to Protect Trump

Is John McCain A “Secret Operative”? Some Right Wing Press Thinks So

Republican Senator John McCain — who is bravely fighting cancer — has found himself being praised or loathed by both sides of the political spectrum in the past year. He gave his closely watched thumbs down and opposed other efforts when Republicans were trying to take health coverage away from millions of Americans. He then supported the GOP tax cut bill that mostly benefited corporations and wealthy people while being projected to run up well over a trillion dollars in debt.

The latest attacks on John McCain are coming from the right-wing press over his involvement in the Steele Dossier on Donald Trump. And some of the criticism reads like a conspiracy where McCain was a secret agent working solely at the whims of the Barack Obama administration.

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The stories stem from a story on Breibart titled “Fusion GPS Admits They Used John McCain to Pass Anti-Trump Dossier to Obama-Era Intel Agencies”. The article implies it was such a disgraceful act by McCain to pass along the information he had received to the FBI during the Obama administration.

McCain’s role in the situation has long been known, as noted by Breitbart. The Senator received the dossier after the election of Donald Trump as president and then stated he passed the documents along to the FBI. Breitbart states the dossier was used by the FBI “as a basis for its probe into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election”. The FBI actually began the probe months earlier in July 2016.

The articles also make a point to mention the dossier was financed in part by the campaign of Hillary Clinton and the DNC. They fail to mention the initial funding that would lead to the production of the dossier came from the conservative-leaning publication, the Washington Free Beacon.

Jumping from that basis, other conservative publications took the McCain criticism even further. One even called McCain a “Fusion GPS Secret Operative”, all the while downplaying or failing to mention contacts with Russians admitted to by players in the Donald Trump campaign.

Reading the pieces, it’s almost as if Donald Trump Jr. hadn’t shared his emails agreeing to a “treasonous” meeting to look at information stemming from the Russian government on Hillary Clinton. Or that disgraced former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn hadn’t been involved in anything nefarious that would lead him to lie to the FBI.

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Or that maybe, just maybe, John McCain saw something he thought so alarming he assumed it would be best to have the intelligence community look into it.

It’s certainly fair to question aspects of the Russia investigation as it continues to play out and more people from the Trump campaign go down. But the idea that McCain was some plant working for the Obama administration to discredit Donald Trump may be one of the most absurd attacks we’ll see from the right regarding the ongoing Russia investigation.

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