Rupert Murdoch Slams Claims of Rampant Sexual Harrassment at Fox News As 'Nonsense'

Rupert Murdoch Slams Claims of Rampant Sexual Harrassment at Fox News As ‘Nonsense’

Fox News Owner Rupert Murdoch Appears Oblivious To Numerous Sexual Harassment Claims At Network

The entertainment world saw a major announcement recently when Disney agreed to purchase part of the assets of 20th Century Fox. The latter, owned by Rupert Murdoch, would be mainly selling off its entertainment wings, but retaining Fox News, Fox Business, Fox Sports and some local channels. Crucially, the move would put Fox shareholders – the same shareholders who have seem to have no problem cashing in on the misinformation that is the bread and butter of Fox’s flagship news entity, Fox News – a 25% stake in Disney’s business.

Murdoch was interviewed about the deal and asked about the numerous incidents of sexual harassment at the two news channels in recent years. The billionaire responded with an absolutely stunning answer. He told Sky News:

When asked how harmful allegations about sexual harassment at Fox News had been for the business, Mr Murdoch dismissed them as “nonsense”.

He said: ‘It’s all nonsense. There was a problem with our chief executive, over the year, isolated incidents.

“As soon as we investigated he was out of the place in hours – well three or four days. And there has been nothing else since then.

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For the ultimate boss at News Corp. (which owns Sky News) Murdoch doesn’t seem to be aware of much of the news about sexual harassment claims at his properties.

He is clearly referring to only the allegations against the late-CEO of Fox News, Roger Ailes. It would appear in the mind of Rupert Murdoch that this is the only situation that has arisen at Fox News. Which, if it needs to be said, is completely false.

Murdoch goes on to call the allegations “political” in the interview. And he suggests they only came about because of the “conservative” slant at Fox News. He even refers to some of the incidents as just “a bit of flirting”.

“That was largely political because we are conservative. The liberals are going down the drain. NBC is in deep trouble.

“‘There are really bad cases and people should be moved aside. There are other things – which probably amount to a bit of flirting.”

Fox News has dealt with a number of sexual misconduct incidents in the past two years. The most high-profile has been the tens of millions of dollars that were paid out to accusers of former network superstar Bill O’Reilly.

Just one of the former host’s many accusers received $32 million dollars in a settlement over sexual harassment. Another $13 million was paid to five other women. O’Reilly is now being sued by one woman he settled with for defamation and breach of contract.

Fox News also parted ways with Eric Bolling after allegations of harassment surfaced. Fox Business suspended host Charles Payne after he was accused of sexual misconduct by a frequent guest of his show. Payne later returned to the airwaves, despite getting hit with a lawsuit claiming he had raped the woman.

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Former co-president of Fox News, Bill Shine, was also forced out over his involvement in covering up the numerous scandals.

It would appear Rupert Murdoch is completely oblivious to any of these incidents at his network, according to his comments. Assuming he watches his own channels for his news, it would appear Fox News might not be the best place to inform yourself about the world. Who knew?

Featured image via Jason Reed – Pool/Getty Images.

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