Sally Yates Just Ruined Donald Trump's Day in her First Televised Interview (VIDEO)

Sally Yates Just Ruined Donald Trump’s Day in her First Televised Interview (VIDEO)

‘We Expected the White House to Act’, Russia had ‘Real Leverage’ Over Flynn

A day after reports emerged that Donald Trump shared highly classified information with Russian officials in the Oval Office, the former Acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, who the former Apprentice host fired as President, has now fired back in a scathing exclusive interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Yates, who was dismissed for failing to defend Trump’s so-called “travel ban” — painted a picture of a White House completely disinterested in the fact that National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was at a high risk of being compromised by the Russian government. She confirmed that the leverage against Flynn was “real”, and questioned why Flynn remained at the post.

Excerpts released from the interview — which debuts in its entirety Tuesday night — are hardly the soundbites the White House needs dominating the increasingly harsh news cycle. As she reiterated that decision to fire Flynn was up to the president, she said the Justice Department “certainly felt like they (the White House) needed to act”. And when Cooper asked about Flynn’s potential criminality, Yates added:

There is certainly a criminal stature that was implicated by his conduct. 

In an extended excerpt from the sit-down interview, Yates confirms that not only did the department expect the White House to act to remove Flynn, but it was anticipated that it would be done swiftly. She affirmed Cooper’s inquiry about a greater sense of urgency to the situation. Furthermore, she contradicted Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s claim that Flynn was removed over “trust” issues, not “legal” ones:

I don’t know how the White House reached the conclusion that there was no legal issue. It certainly wasn’t from my discussion with them.


Flynn was Not ‘A Person who Should be Sitting’ in the NSA Position

Perhaps the most damning confirmation in the interview at this point is Yates’ verification that the leverage against Flynn was legitimate. The knowledge that a foreign entity could compromise a high profile cabinet member all but disqualified him from holding the position:

I think that this was a serious compromise situation. The Russians had real leverage. He also had lied to the Vice President of the United States. Whether he’s fired or not is a decision for the President of the United States to make. But, doesn’t seem like that’s a person who should be sitting in the National Security Adviser position. 

Pay attention, America. This is not “Fake News”.

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