Whoah! California Might Not Be Such A Shoo-in For Clinton — Sanders Could Win! (POLL)

Whoah! California Might Not Be Such A Shoo-in For Clinton — Sanders Could Win! (POLL)

Sanders Chances Of Beating Clinton In California Just Got A Whole Lot Better

Hillary Clinton was confident that California was hers. Bernie Sanders stuck in the race and restructured his campaign because he saw the potential in California and wanted to focus his attention on the nation’s most populated state. Now, it looks like Sanders made the right move and Hillary might not have the traction she thought she had in the state.

According to the New York Times, the Public Policy Institute of California released a poll on Wednesday showing that Clinton had 46 percent support and Sanders had 44 percent – figures that are within the margin of error and therefore could be even closer. Compared to the institute’s findings in March, which showed that Clinton had 48 percent support and Sanders had 41 percent, Sanders has enjoyed a substantial increase in popularity in just a short amount of time.

As a result of this increasingly close race, both candidates are going on a campaign offensive and focusing plenty of time, energy and resources into trying to win delegate-rich California on June 7. Bernie Sanders had previously said that he wouldn’t run TV ads because they are so costly in the state. That has changed. Likewise, Hillary had ended her TV campaign after her wins in the mid-Atlantic states, but that has also changed with a return to the airwaves. To cover as many bases as possible, she has released ads in English and Spanish, as well as translated into Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese and Korean.

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The LA Times reports that the task now as the pair crisscross California is to convince voters which of the two will be able to tackle Donald Trump the best. Of course, both candidates think they are the one to do that. On Tuesday, Clinton showed a confidence in her abilities to do what needs to be done to bring down Donald.

“I think it’s important that people look and compare. Because we’re going to take on Donald Trump. He can go ahead and engage in insulting and scapegoating and demeaning and bullying people, but I think the American voter is a lot smarter than to fall for that, don’t you?”

For his part, Sanders kept his revolutionary rhetoric that has earned him millions of fans.

“What seems impossible today, 20 years from now people will say ‘Oh, no big deal.’ What the system always tried to make us feel is that real change is impossible… Bottom line is if we have the vision and if we have the courage, we can transform this country and make it into the country that all of us know it can be.”

Feature image by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

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