On A Roll: Sanders Scores Another Huge Endorsement After Dominating Online Poll

On A Roll: Sanders Scores Another Huge Endorsement After Dominating Online Poll

Alan Grayson Feels The Bern, Endorses Bernie Sanders.

Florida Congressman and 2016 Senate Candidate Alan Grayson, a super-delegate at the Democratic National Convention who is not beholden to the popular vote like a normal delegate, is endorsing Bernie Sanders as America’s next president after a staggering online poll.

Grayson —who has expressed his disapproval of the Democratic Party’s super-delegate system— decided to host an online poll at GraysonPrimary.com to give voice to the people. And the people spoke rather loudly: the poll received more than 400k votes, with 86 percent of respondents choosing Sanders, compared to the measly 14 percent who chose Clinton.

Grayson has long been considered one of the most fiery and passionate democrats on Capitol Hill. He’s relentlessly, unapologetically liberal, and inarguably one of the strongest progressive voices serving in government today—alongside Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders himself. In the blog post officially announcing his endorsement, Grayson pointed out his key alignments with Sanders and his revolution.

For those of you who read these missives (and if you don’t, then welcome!) this endorsement may not be entirely unexpected. You know that:

(1) I have passed 54 amendments on the Floor of the House in the last three years, more than any other Member. And when Bernie Sanders served in the House, in his time Bernie was the “Amendment King,” getting so many good things done in a hopelessly waterlogged institution, again and again.

(2) I am the only Member of the U.S. House of Representatives who raised most of his campaign funds from small contributions of less than $200 (in both 2012 and 2014, by the way). Bernie Sanders is the only Member of the U.S. Senate who raised most of his campaign funds from small contributions of less than $200. And this year, Bernie Sanders is the only Presidential candidate who has raised most of his campaign funds from small contributions of less than $200. Bernie and I are not owned and beholden to the billionaires and the multinational corporations and the lobbyists and the special interests.

Bernie Sanders is unbought and unbossed. So am I. That is an essential element of the political revolution.

Was Alan Grayson’s Poll Rigged Or Cheated?

The result of Congressman Grayson’s online poll was certainly favorable for Grayson, who surely was hoping to endorse Sanders regardless. But some Hillary Clinton supporters might question the validity of Grayson’s polling method, as Sanders tends to always overwhelmingly win every online poll by huge margins.

Grayson’s poll was spread virally in Pro-Sanders groups, though we’ve found no evidence of these groups actively attempting to rig polls or encouraging respondents to vote more than once; Sanders’ grassroots campaign is more organized than Clinton’s on the online front, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re cheating.

Whether or not the poll was rigged, or whether or not Alan Grayson wanted to endorse Bernie Sanders are both moot points. The fact that Alan Grayson held the poll to begin with, and is apparently the only super-delegate in the Democratic Party to do so, should be the real story here. That the Democratic Party uses such a questionable tactic when choosing their candidate for the presidential election has soured the party for some progressive democrats who support Sanders in the 2016 general election. Hopefully more super-delegates will decide to undermine the party’s backroom nonsense and give voice to the people.

Featured image by Cliff via Flickr  [CC 2.0] with modifications from the editor.

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