LOL: Get Your White Hoods and Putin Merch at - the Trump Tower Gift Store?

LOL: Get Your White Hoods and Putin Merch at – the Trump Tower Gift Store?

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Finally. A recent visit to the gift store at Trump Tower in Manhattan revealed a surprisingly intuitive effort to give the people what they really want. The selection of merchandise had expanded from the usual tacky shot glasses and t-shirts. For a limited time, customers were able to acquire something that truly defined The Donald’s brand.

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The new Trump merch

While browsing the shelves at the Trump Store, shoppers from the Gothamist found a few fan items they could happily add to their collection. They included white “Klan” style hoods, postcards with Vladimir Putin as the 45th president, and urine-resistant rubber sheets. And my personal favorite, a TV remote control pre-set to Fox News.

Unfortunately, these specials were only available to the lucky early arrivals. That’s because after the Gothamists tried to purchase some, the employees evacuated the store and shut it down. After re-opening an hour later the merchandise was gone. However, it was on the shelves for nearly twenty-four hours. Here is the report of the retail discovery from the Gothamist:

“On Monday afternoon, two NYC-based artists secretly slipped some items inside the merchandising outpost of the Trump Tower’s lower lobby. Among them: A Trump-emblazoned KKK hood ‘for fine people,’ sealed packages of pee-proof rubber sheets, and a Russian flag. In the front of the store, a postcard display featured the 45th President of the United States, Vladimir Putin, along with cards paying tribute to First Lady Ivanka Trump, and the flap of flesh near the president’s throat area, known as a Wattle.”

In an interview with Gothamist, the artists described their motivation:

“We thought the tourists coming in to buy some stuff, especially people from other countries, should get the whole story of who the president is, because the items in the Trump store don’t accurately reflect the person,” one of the two artists, who asked that we not reveal his name, told Gothamist.

The Real Thing

Indeed. This was an inspired attempt to put the true face of the President before the public. So alongside MAGA merch and self-exalting apparel and books, the people could see the real Donald. And by exploiting the store in his ego-bound tower, they perfectly defined the crass commercialization he exudes. After all, this is the man who held a campaign press conference where he peddled his steaks and bottled water. He’s in constant violation of the Constitution due to his hotels hosting foreign leaders and diplomats.

Worst of all, Trump traveled to the Hurricane Harvey-ravaged state of Texas for a photo-op, but turned it into a commercial. The whole time he was wearing a brand new Trump-branded hat that just went on sale on his campaign website. So although he didn’t meet with a single victim, he modeled his $40.00 head gear for the assembled media. And that is just so Trump. The Trump that the artists captured so beautifully.

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Browse the gift store here:

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Featured Image with Gothamist Photo and Photo of Trump Store by Spencer Platt/Getty Images.

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