My Boss Wants Me To Write Something Nice About Hillary

My Boss Wants Me To Write Something Nice About Hillary

Can someone — anyone — please write something nice about Hillary?

“For the love of God,” came a cry from the wilderness in our work group. “Doesn’t anyone in here have something good they can write about Hillary?!?” That’s right. My boss needs more of us to say something nice about Hillary, so we don’t appear too biased for Bernie Sanders, the real liberal. Oops, there I go again. 

Among New York City’s and Washington D.C.’s pundits, power brokers and pollsters, Hillary Clinton reigns supreme. But on Twitter, Facebook, political blogs, and other parts of the Internet where real people from real places gather, posts that say “something nice about Hillary” are in short supply.

Since that message went out last week, only one of us has obliged. Nathaniel Downes shared a fond memory in his story, “The Day I Met Hillary Clinton“: But that was 20 years ago, this is now. The tweets below provide a more accurate sampling of what folks are saying about Hillary Clinton, and these are just ones from liberals. The ones from conservatives are even worse.

One of the only folks on Twitter willing to say something nice about Hillary Clinton is…um…Hillary Clinton.

Say something nice about Hillary? Okay. She’s not quite as neoliberal as her husband.

Oh, and her hair looks nice. At first, I thought, “yeah, we’re overdue for a positive piece on Hillary Clinton.” Then my brain rebelled and screeched, “say something nice about Hillary? HELL NO!!!!!!” I supported Barack Obama back in 2008, but still admired the former Secretary of State. I now support Bernie Sanders, but thought I had no problem with Hillary…Then, something snapped.

What makes saying something nice about Hillary Clinton less appealing than gargling with bleach? Part of it’s her damned sense of entitlement. She just seems to feel like it’s her turn and she deserves to win, even though so many of the policies Hillary Clinton supports make our lives worse, not better. And really, do you think Debbie Wasserman-Schultz would set the debate schedule to limit exposure for rival candidates if Hillary Clinton didn’t WANT it that way?

If she wins the Democratic nomination, getting Bernie Sanders’ supporters on board and able to say something nice about Hillary Clinton will be an uphill task if the DNC’s actions keep raising suspicions that it’s not a fair fight.

And even if the Democratic National Committee (DNC) doesn’t favor Hillary Clinton and wasn’t trying to sabotage Bernie Sanders’ insurgent campaign, as many suspect, they should have apologized to Sanders for recommending he hire the man who caused the data breach instead of punishing him for it. If HIllary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination, getting Bernie Sanders’ supporters on board will be an uphill task if they think it wasn’t a fair fight.

It’s hard to say something nice about Hillary Clinton after her neoliberal husband’s “third way” transformed the Democratic Party from an engine of prosperity and defender of civil rights into a cowering, sniveling, and triangulating GOP Lite. Classic liberal policies made America the envy of the world, yet President Bill Clinton threw it all down a supply-side rat hole to appease angry white people who’d rather return to the poverty suffered by their grandparents than be forced to share their short-lived affluence with black people.

  • Who helped roll back affirmative action — a cornerstone of the Civil Rights movement — while claiming we should “mend it, not end it?” Bill Clinton.
  • Who ended “welfare as you know it” under the guise of “personal responsibility” and “work opportunities,” while failing to demand corporate responsibility. Bill Clinton.
  • Who promised NAFTA would create new jobs even though these trade agreements actually screw working people and force us to compete against desperate people in poorer countries? Bill Clinton. 
  • Who signed the bill repealing the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999 — saying “the Glass–Steagall law is no longer appropriate.” — so big banks could destroy our economy in 2008? Bill Clinton. 
  • Who signed a crime bill back in 1994 that helped create the mass incarceration, police brutality, and school-to-prison pipeline in communities of color? President Bill Clinton.

And don’t say I shouldn’t blame Hillary for the failings of her husband…That may be true with some political couples, but Billary Clinton have always been a package deal.

Sorry, Hillary, this new America you helped create isn’t working for us.

And then there’s that little thing about how nearly my entire life as a working adult has been spent either in or recovering from one damned recession or “jobless recovery” after another. Gen-Xers, Millennials and the younger baby boomers — over 50 years worth of cohorts spanning two-and-a-half generations — are worse off than their parents and have never known economic security. 

Slammed by endless waves of layoffs — with each new round of jobs paying less than the previous ones — we barely manage to get our heads above water before the next recession hits. 

You helped build that, Hillary Clinton. When the time came to fight for liberal principles and a future of peace, health, prosperity, and tolerance, you and your husband chose the path of moral cowardice and sought only to minimize the far-right’s encroachments instead of reversing them. That’s why so many of us have a hard time with saying something nice about Hillary Clinton.

Where the hell does Hillary Clinton think her husband — who was raised by a single mom and grew up poor — would be if he’d grown up in today’s America?

I also deeply resent Hillary Clinton because she’s part of that generation of white middle-class people who rose to power and wealth not just because of smarts and hard work, but because these people freaking had EVERYTHING — good public schools, access to affordable higher education, upward mobility, short commutes, cheap real estate, a surging economy, and a strong safety net.

She and the other Silents and Boomers who ran things chose not to share their gains with the next generations. Instead, they slashed budgets, tore up all the rules that keep corporations from preying upon us, pulled up the drawbridge, and left the Millennials, Gen-Xers and younger Baby Boomers with nothing but war, poverty, unelected corporate government, prison, student debt, and dead end jobs.

And that tone-deaf, hispandering B.S. about Hillary Clinton being just like your Abuela? What on earth was she thinking? Her campaign keeps trying to make her “warmer and more human,” but it never seems to work.

I’ll have to find something nice to say about Hillary Clinton if she wins the Democratic primary. In the meantime, I’ll do whatever I can to ensure this doesn’t  happen. Like many of my fellow Americans, I’m sick and tired of a system that abuses us and a government that won’t listen to us. Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton, she’s part and parcel of that system.

Featured image: Hillary Clinton campaign/Facebook (NOTE: In the first version, a Facebook sticker was added).

Elisabeth Parker is a writer, web designer, mom, political junkie, and dilettante.

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