Tea Party Congressman Gives Laughably Lame Excuse Why Record Number of GOP Fleeing Midterms

Tea Party Congressman Gives Laughably Lame Excuse Why Record Number of GOP Fleeing Midterms

Republican James Comer Embarrassingly Tries To Explain GOP Exodus As A Positive

Retirements from Congress are certainly one element used to gauge just how scared political parties might be of upcoming elections. And as for the 2018 midterms, it seems clear Republicans are scrambling for the exits in the face of what looks like a potential Blue Wave election.

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But the GOP still has to put on a courageous face and try to explain why so many elected officials are suddenly leaving. Tea Party Congressman James Comer of Kentucky (no, not James Comey of FBI fame) tried putting a positive spin on the matter. And his excuse is about as believable as, well, virtually anything that comes out of the mouth of racist Republican Donald Trump.

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Comer appeared on CNN was asked about the red wave of retirements announced already. When it was pointed out his colleagues were “running for the hills”, the Tea Partier gave this ridiculous response.

Well, I think that Republicans for the most part believe in term limits. A lot of these chairman have been here a long time and they think it’s time to move on. They’ve given their time in public service and they’re ready to move on.

The Republican goes on to lament the recent retirement announcement by Trey Gowdy. That additional parting brings the number of Republicans leaving the House for one reason or another to 41.

While it is true actual term limits exist to hold committee chairs in the House, that’s clearly not what James Comer was referencing. Republicans are leaving at the highest rate in recent history and there could still be more to come.

And they have only one person to blame: Donald Trump.

Despite a stable and strong economy at the moment, Trump’s dismal approval could be the reason for a GOP midterm catastrophe. A recent study by Emory University political scientist Alan Abramowitz showed Republicans may have lots to worry about due to the president’s historically bad approval. He told CNBC:

“The correlation between economic indicators and seat-swings in midterm elections is very weak,” Abramowitz says. The president’s job approval rating, he adds, has been four times as powerful as economic growth in determining how his party fares.

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A lot can happen between now and November. And while Trump and other Republicans might be quietly hoping for something terrible to happen to change their luck, they certainly have an uphill climb.

But making absurd excuses like James Comer tried to do won’t do them any favors. Most Americans just aren’t stupid enough to fall for this one. But that’s not likely to stop Republicans from trying, sadly.

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