Watch Tea Party Rep. Desperately Thrash To Deflect Trump Treason Talk in Disastrous CNN Interview

Watch Tea Party Rep. Desperately Thrash To Deflect Trump Treason Talk in Disastrous CNN Interview

Republican Jim Jordan Gives Disastrous CNN Interview Dodging Explosive Comments From Steve Bannon

Defenders of Republican Donald Trump woke up today realizing it was going to be a rough one as explosive excerpts from an upcoming book made its way into the news cycle. Former Trump campaign chief executive and White House strategist Steve Bannon reportedly called the infamous meeting between campaign officials and Russians promising dirt on Hillary Clinton “treasonous” and “unpatriotic”.

The excerpts were incredibly unflattering to the administration in a variety of ways. They even include a longtime Trump associate saying of the president, “He’s not only crazy, he’s stupid.” Clearly, this was going to lead to some tough questions for anyone trying to spin these matters into something less embarrassing.

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Brad Reed of Raw Story flagged a prime example of this as Republican Representative Jim Jordan went on CNN this morning to talk about the “treasonous” comment by Bannon. When pressed on the issue, Jordan delivers one ridiculous dodge after another as two CNN hosts incredulously continue to listen to his absurdities (full video below).

Initially asked if he thought the meeting was “treasonous and unpatriotic”, Jordan gave his first dodge. He immediately went to asking about why the Russian lawyer was meeting with Fusion GPS founder before and after the meeting. Jordan was likely targeting the firm after its leadership wrote a scathing op-ed detailing the failures of Congressional Republicans involved in the investigation and asking for all transcripts from their testimony be released to the public.

He then has to have the question asked multiple times to try to get a straight answer from him. He continues to dodge and then falls back on two carefully worded talking points that avoid the full reality of the matter.

Now all of the sudden when we find out the dossier was paid for by the Clinton campaign, the DNC…when we find out all this important information, now suddenly, “Oh, wait a minute. The dossier wasn’t important.” …

…it was reported that they [FBI] didn’t corroborate the dossier. 

Jordan conveniently skips over the fact the original funding to Fusion GPS, which eventually produced the dossier, came from the conservative-leaning Washington Free Beacon. He also uses the common talking point of Donald Trump surrogates that the entire dossier has not been corroborated by the intelligence community. He is quickly corrected that key parts of it have, in fact, been corroborated and are rather damning sections of the document.

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CNN host Poppy Harlow finishes the clip raking Jim Jordan over the coals by using his own words against him, particularly his disparaging comments about the FBI in the past.

Needless to say, Jordan won’t likely include this in his personal highlight reel as a Congressperson. Defending Donald Trump is never an easy thing. And today is one of the toughest days to do so.


Featured image via YouTube screen cap.

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