Thanks Obama: CPAC Comms Director Said Something Super Racist, Blames You know Who

Thanks Obama: CPAC Comms Director Said Something Super Racist, Blames You know Who

CPAC chose to blame obama…surprise, surprise

Every year, Republicans and the right-winger fringe they used to pretend weren’t part of their real coalition, back in the days before Trump, meet at an annual gathering known as the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC. Because it has a huge attendance among the conservative base in this country, prospective GOP candidates are almost required to attend it to broaden their public image.

As a result of this, CPAC has, over the years, sharply turned into a borderline-reactionary event where booing is frequent – and the dog whistle gets a workout in speech after speech, without being booed. It should come as no surprise then that its Communications Director, Ian Walters, has a tinge of racism in him.

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Between 2009-2011, former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele was elected to be the Director of the Republican National Committee (RNC). However, possibly due to the Democratic Party gaining significant gains in both the White House and Congress during his term, Steele was subsequently ousted in his reelection bid.

What was it about Steele that failed the GOP? Well, according to Walters, it was him being black. In a speech at a CPAC dinner, Walters explained why it was wrong to have hired Steele in the first place: “We elected Mike Steele as chairman because he was a black guy, that was the wrong thing to do.”

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In response, Steele has chosen to take the high ground, but not without offering some words of wisdom to Walters:

“If he feels that way I’d like him to come say that to my face. And then I’d like him to look at my record and see what I did. I can’t believe an official of CPAC would go onstage in front of an audience and say something like that. I’ve been a strong supporter of CPAC for many years and I thought they raised them better than that here.”

Not only that, but Steele also revealed on MSNBC’s “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” that Walters’s attempt at an apology consisted of the old Republican tactic of blaming former President Barack Obama:

“He did call and tried to explain himself. He relaid it back to the Barack Obama election. And he said at one point, I apologize. And I said, that’s not acceptable, that’s not enough.”

On his SiriusXM show “Steele & Ungar” Steele slammed the GOP’s mob mentality as being behind the prevalence of such an attitude.

“It’s the group-think that has emerged within the party that has now poisoned the national dialogue.”

Steele also lamented the source of the message, “To hear it come from a young man – a minority himself – it makes it even crazier.”

We don’t fault Steele for being angry. Between their dog whistle politics and tactic of throwing anyone under the bus who doesn’t adapt to their ever-shifting ideology, the Republican Party has proven itself to be an unstable threat to the country.

Check out the video of Walters speaking below:


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