Trump ADMITS He's Unfit For Presidency, Whines 'This Is Really A Bigger Job Than I Thought'

Trump ADMITS He’s Unfit For Presidency, Whines ‘This Is Really A Bigger Job Than I Thought’

Being President Is Tough, Trump Discovers

Since getting elected president, Donald Trump has begun the hard work of appointing the richest Cabinet in American history, full of ideological hardliners, obstructionists, people who want to privatize public programs that aren’t broken, and lying propagandists. Because he’s a populist for the working man. He has also tweeted a lot of angry outbursts fully of lies that underscore his penchant for acting like a paranoid dictator. It’s not clear yet whether the Republican party will become more of a kleptocracy or an autocracy under Trump’s leadership, but one thing is certain. It ain’t easy.

Trump recently confided in Newt Gingrich, who advised the president-elect during the campaign, that being president is harder than he had thought. On Tuesday, USA Today reported

When he met with Trump last week, Gingrich says, “He commented, ‘This is really a bigger job than I thought.’ Which is good. He should think that.” As president, Gingrich went on, “you have war and peace, you have enormous powers … and it all comes down to the Oval Office and it all comes down to you.”

It’s not surprising that Trump is a bit shocked. In January, CBS News’s John Dickerson asked Trump what he thought about “the day-to-day, not the show part” of the presidency, and he replied, “I don’t think about it.”

Trump is, of course, the first president in American history to have absolutely zero experience in government. All other previous presidents had either held elected office, or had served as a general before serving in the Oval Office. Trump’s experience was driving his personal business into the ground and screwing investors over and over again.

His first moves as president-elect don’t inspire much confidence. Although he said in his victory speech in the wee hours of November 9th, that he “will be president for all Americans,” he doesn’t seem to be taking that promise seriously. His administration seems firmly under the command of the far right populist movement that propelled him past the Republican primaries, and lost the popular vote, to make Trump an extremely unpopular incoming president. He seems to have no interest in dealing with that, of calming people’s fears. He seems to only want to empower people who bilk public systems to consolidate private power, and drive wedges between people. If he thinks the job is tough now, wait until he’s actually sworn in. Wait until he tries to kill off healthcare protection for millions of Americans.

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