Trump Adviser Rudy Giuliani Has A Crazy, Orwellian Plan To Track Anyone, All The Time (VIDEO)

Trump Adviser Rudy Giuliani Has A Crazy, Orwellian Plan To Track Anyone, All The Time (VIDEO)

Rudy Giuliani, Former New York City mayor turned Donald Trump adviser says he thinks forcing Muslims to wear electronic monitoring tags, otherwise known as GPS bracelets, if they are on the federal government’s terrorism watch list is a great idea.

“I would think that’s an excellent idea,” Giuliani said. “If you’re on the terror watch list, I should know you’re on the terror watch list. You’re on there for a reason.”

Giuliani, who shouldn’t even be advising the New York City dog catcher, is advising Trump’s campaign on terrorism and national security issues, says he recommends that Trump use the same measures now being used in France if he’s elected.

Giuliani is a train wreck of a terrorism adviser

In the aftermath of ISIS-fueled terrorist attacks in France last November, hundreds of French Muslims were placed under house arrest after a state of emergency was declared by President François Hollande. Those powers allowed police to conduct raids on homes, businesses, associations and places of worship at any time and without judicial review. Police were even allowed to place people under house arrest even if there wasn’t enough evidence to support charges of wrongdoing.

Those emergency powers have now been extended for a fourth time, following the horrific terrorist attack in Nice on July 14.

But how effective are electronic tags, anyway?

The Guardian notes that one of the attackers who killed a priest in Normandy, France, earlier this week was wearing one such tag. He had been detained for 10 months after being arrested for attempting to go to Syria. When he was released, he was required to wear the tag and was only allowed to leave the house between 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., which is the time frame in which he committed the crime.

And these electronic gadgets are not problem-free. Napo, a trade union for probation and family court staff in the U.K. found 120 separate examples of problems relating to the operation of these electronic tagging systems. The organization found that the tags didn’t work well in some rural or isolated areas and companies had to go back to manual monitoring by car in order to track an offenders whereabouts. And on some occasions the tags broke off, or became damaged or split.

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Now back to Giuliani’s comments regarding terrorism watch lists. It’s ridiculously easy to get placed on these lists.

But before discussing the finer details regarding how people wind up on these lists, here’s a bit of information about what they really are. There’s actually a collection of lists, but the foremost one is the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE), which is run by the U.S. National Counterterrorism Center.

As of July 2013, TIDE’s list contained more than one million names, according to leaked government documents obtained by The Intercept and released in 2014.

When a name goes into TIDE, it then becomes part of a larger watch list run by the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center. There’s a spider web of subsequent lists run by various government agencies that also draw from TIDE’s list.

How does a person wind up on one of these lists?

It’s painfully easy, unfortunately.

It starts with a person known as an “originator,” who can range from everyday citizens to federal agents.  Once one of these folks passes your name along to law enforcement, counterterrorism officials begin their work. And the guidelines they use can be pretty elastic when adding a person to these lists.

Your social media postings can also get you in a snag, The Huffington Post reports, because, according to the document leaked by The Intercept, “postings on social media sites … should not be discounted merely because of the manner in which it was received.” The document recommends that those investigating an individual should “evaluate the credibility of the source.” If the content is thought to pose a “reasonable suspicion” of a link to terrorism, it further recommends that person be nominated to the watch list, even if the source is “uncorroborated.”

While that certainly sounds kind of scary, you do have some protection. A sentence within the document explicitly prohibits listing an individual “for engaging solely in constitutionally protected activities.” In other words, if your free speech isn’t accompanied by other “suspicious” behavior, you might be okay…perhaps.

There’s other reasons you can wind up on a list, including:

  • If someone thinks you’re a potential terrorist. The Post also explains that the guidelines consider the use of “walk-in” or “write-in” information regarding possible candidates for the watch list. Those who do the nominating in these cases are encouraged to not dismiss these tips, and evaluate the “credibility of the source.”
  • If someone even thinks you might be part of a terrorist organization, you can wind up on a list—even if you don’t have membership in or “association with the organization.” And anyone accused of being involved with a terrorist group who is acquitted in a court of law or who saw their charges dropped, can still be potential nominees for being listed, as long as “reasonable suspicion” is established.
  • If someone thinks you know a suspected terrorist, your immediate family—including your spouse, kids, parents and siblings—may be added to TIDE, and this database loads into the Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB), “without any suspicion that they themselves are engaged in terrorist activity.” The document states “associates or affiliates” of known or suspected terrorists, or even those who are somehow “linked to” them, can also be nominated to the TSDB watchlist, as long as the relationship constitutes a “reasonable suspicion” that there’s a connection to terrorist activity. Further, the document says that “individuals who merely ‘may be’ members, associates or affiliates of a terrorist organization” can’t be placed into the latter database, unless this suspicion can be backed up by “derogatory information.”
  • Humans, including intelligence officials, are not perfect, and this means terrorist watch lists aren’t perfect either. Reports have come in of “false positives,” instances in which an innocent passenger has been subject to treatment based on a no-fly or selectee list because his or her name was merely similar to that of another person’s. In one such instance, a four-year-old boy was almost barred from boarding a plane so he could visit his grandmother. And while this list was revised in order to prevent these goofs, more than 1.5 million people have been added to the lists in the last five years, and that means mistakes are inevitable. Stanford University student Rahinah Ibrahim is only too familiar with this after winding up on a no-fly list in 2004 after an FBI agent accidentally marked the wrong box on a form.  Ooops.

[contentblock id=7 img=gcb.png]

If you accidentally wind up on one of these lists, your travel will be monitored and most likely restricted. If you’re traveling abroad, you may well be stranded, losing your job and preventing you from rejoining your family. There’s even the possibility you could be detained, and certain lawsuits allege you could even be tortured by foreign governments, The Guardian reports.

This isn’t something that’s a walk in the park. It’s a major, life-changing event.

It’s all very Orwellian, very 1984.

This is lost on Giuliani, or maybe he doesn’t care. I don’t know which. He’s widely advocated that mosques in the U.S. be placed under surveillance and played a crucial role in devising a New York Police Department unit that spied on every place of worship for Muslims within 100 miles of the city. The unit even spied on places that weren’t under its jurisdiction. Fortunately, it’s been disbanded.

If we start forcing Muslim people to wear GPS tags, we’re backsliding into fascism under Big Brother’s watch. Which is why Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani should never be at the helm.

You can watch Giuliani up to his old tricks in the video below.

Photo courtesy of Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images

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