Trump Ally Farage BUSTED at Secret Meeting with Wikileaks’ Assange, White House Won’t Comment

Trump Ally Farage BUSTED at Secret Meeting with Wikileaks’ Assange, White House Won’t Comment

Trump, Farage, Mercer, And Assange Sittin’ in a Tree?

Donald Trump’s mate Nigel Farage visited the Ecuadorian embassy in London, Thursday, Buzzfeed reported, publishing a photograph of the United Kingdom Independent Party politician leaving the building. Buzzfeed reporter Marie Le Conte apparently surprised Farage as he exited the embassy from what was supposed to be a secret meeting. Le Conte asked Farage why he had visited the Ecuadorian embassy where Wikileaks curator Julian Assange has dodged extradition for sexual assault charges in Sweden since 2012. Farage responded that “he couldn’t remember” what he had been doing in the building that he was exiting after being there for 40 minutes. So Farage’s trip to the embassy where a self-made pro-Russian international saboteur is hiding was like when you open the refrigerator and stare at all your food asking yourself why you opened the fridge.

Farage is the most influential and most outspoken of pro-Donald Trump politicians in the United Kingdom. The two men share a far right xenophobic, nationalistic and isolationist ideology, as well as a clownishly offensive approach to political rhetoric. Just days after the election, Farage called President Barack Obama a “loathsome” “creature.” Trump publicly suggested that Farage should be the new British ambassador to the UK, a bizarre breach of diplomatic protocol. London quickly shot down the idea, saying there was no vacancy in the position. On January 21st, a Trump surrogate said that Farage would be a “close adviser” to Trump. Fox News has also hired him as a commentator. Farage has met with Trump at least four times since the election, as recently as February 26th.

Perhaps the most significant connection between the two men is tech hedge fund co-CEO Robert Mercer. The billionaire funded a data analytics campaign to micro-advertise to voters in support of Farage’s UKIP Brexit campaign, and in support of Trump’s presidential campaign. Mercer was a top donor for both campaigns. Mercer was recently revealed as one of the owners of Breitbart, the far right propaganda publication whose former editor is Steve Bannon, and which aggressively supports Trump. Mercer has supplied top staff to the Trump team, including Bannon and Kellyanne Conway. The Guardian reported that Mercer is “a long-time friend” of Farage.

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After exiting the Ecuadorian embassy, confused about why he had been there, advisers, or perhaps lawyers, likely jogged Farage’s memory. A UKIP adviser close to Farage told The Independent that Farage had met with Assange for a 40-minute meeting. No explanation of what was discussed was offered.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked if Farage was carrying a message from Trump at Thursday’s press briefing. Talking Points Memo published the transcript,

VIVIAN SALAMA/AP: Thank you. And second thing is, Nigel farage was at the Ecuadorian embassy in London today where Julian Assange happens to be staying. Don’t know if they met or not. Was he there? He’s a close ally of President Trump. Was he there in any capacity?

SPICER: I don’t keep his schedule.

VIVIAN SALAMA/AP: Was he delivering a message?

SPICER: I have no idea. I have my own concerns here keeping track of what everyone is doing. I generally don’t worry about what’s going on across the pond. Jonathan?

VIVIAN SALAMA/AP: You already gave me a little bit, but just to follow up —

SPICER: Wow. All right.

JONATHAN KARL/ABC: But on the — the question is not what but can you tell us he wasn’t there on behalf of the white house?

SPICER: Sure. I don’t — he is not — I am not. This is silly. I don’t think asking where random foreign leaders are and whether they are there — I’m sure he was there doing whatever on I understand that. But I. Don’t keep his schedule.

At this point, it seems like Spicer is learning about what’s happening as the press tells him about it in prefacing their questions to him. He has no idea how to answer this question. He can neither confirm nor deny that Farage was meeting Assange on behalf of the White House. Remember that.

This meeting between Farage and Assange comes just two days after Assange’s Wikileaks published “what appears to be the largest leak of C.I.A documents in history,” the New York Times reported. This follows Wikileaks’ ongoing pattern of undermining American democracy and the American intelligence community with kompromat in a way that seems to help Russian foreign policy goals.

In a press conference held shortly after his meeting with Farage, Thursday, Assange accused the CIA of “incompetence” and promised to give new tech companies access to CIA secrets about hacking methods, USA Today reported. It could be a good question for a reporter to ask Assange at his next press conference whether that gift of CIA methods will be given to the new tech company VEON, a newly expanding Russian telecom owned by Russian oligarch and Vladimir Putin friend, Mikhail Fridman, that Mercer invested in in 2014, around the time that Russia invaded Ukraine.

Featured image via Nigel Farage/Twitter

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