Trump Just Attacked CNN's Jake Tapper and the Internet is Obliterating Him For It (TWEETS)

Trump Just Attacked CNN’s Jake Tapper and the Internet is Obliterating Him For It (TWEETS)

By now, it’s become some sort of macabre routine; Americans wake up to a new day, and shortly thereafter anxiously check Donald Trump’s Twitter feed, hoping against hope that they won’t see some sort of unhinged early morning tirade, or even better that the entire account itself would have, overnight, magically disappeared altogether. Don’t hold your breath on that last one.

Trump Attacked Jake Tapper and probably wishes he didn’t

Still, it’s by now a bit of a paradox. Trump, who despite his laughable claims to be running a transparent presidency, is clearly terrified of the media (he’s had ONE solo press conference since taking office, compared to Obama’s first year 7). Just last week, he was ridiculed for videoconferencing the White House press corps from literally a few dozen feet away. So, when he’s not taking softball questions from his de facto propaganda arm Fox News in an effort to reach his base, he’s instead reaching for his phone and madly thumbing out incoherent rants and dangerously reckless diatribes.

From the start, Trump’s compulsive use of Twitter caught everyone by surprise, and initially this tactic did allow him to push his messaging — however misguided or self-indulgent — without having to withstand the scrutiny that traditional media provides. By now, though, America has wised up, and has flooded to the platform to join the discussion. It’s the law of diminishing returns, and if once he was able to dominate any given narrative, these days the reality is all too different. Now, his tweets are regularly met with stiff and vehement resistance. And it’s important to remember, that while Trump may have a large Twitter following, almost half of them are verifiably fake.

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Enter Jake Tapper. On Sunday, Tapper had Trump adviser and white supremacist Stephen Miller on CNN’s State of the Union to discuss the explosive new book Fire and Fury, by Michael Wolff. The book paints a horrific picture of an unhinged president and dysfunctional White House, and has Trump so panicked his legal team desperately tried to kill it with a move that challenges the publisher’s First Amendment rights. In a defiant (and awesome) response, the publisher released the book early. On Miller’s appearance, Tapper and Miller went back and forth for several minutes. When it was clear that Miller was not going to answer any tough questions, and instead talk about Trump’s election, Tapper ended the interview, saying;

“I think you have wasted enough of my viewer’s time.” 

Predictably, Trump continued his desperate attacks against the network and promptly tweeted that Miller had “destroyed” Tapper:

The responses to this delusional tweet are almost enough to make America proud again:

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See the fiery exchange below:

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