Victim Blaming At Its Worst: Trump Blames DNC For Getting Hacked... By 'Somebody'

Victim Blaming At Its Worst: Trump Blames DNC For Getting Hacked… By ‘Somebody’

Would Trump Identify ‘Somebody’? Nyet

President-Elect Donald Trump acknowledged once again that the Democratic National Committee was hacked during the 2016 campaign Wednesday morning, in yet another sunrise tweet-storm. Merely verifying a well-known fact is hardly a story, even for the world’s most famous tweeter. It’s not like John Podesta broadcasted his Gmail password on YouTube. But Trump’s continued refusal to admit that Russia was the lynchpin in the DNC cyber-attack grows more worrisome with each denial. In his latest remarks on the matter, he identifies the culprit as merely “somebody”.

Even scarier, however, is that Trump is exhibiting the dangerous tendency of victim-blaming with the most recent tweets. Instead of vowing to punish the perpetrator behind the attacks — as President Obama has done — he’s asking why the DNC allowed itself to be hacked in the first place. It’s the political equivalent of asking why an assault victim had so much to drink.

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It’s hard to be so erroneous in two quick tweets, but the President-Elect has managed to pull it off. By simply stating that responsible party was merely “somebody”, he puts himself at odds with the entire intelligence community that will be answering to him in a matter of weeks. When he plays the media “double standard” card, he’s not only wrong — the Podesta emails were covered in great depth throughout the campaign — he’s denigrating one of the strongest safeguards of democracy: a free press.

His victim shaming, however, is the scariest aspect of the tweet-storm. It’s fair to ask what this portends to for his Presidency. We caught a glimpse of this mentality in the Trump University settlement. After spending the campaign claiming that the lawsuit was frivolous, he simultaneously paid the plaintiffs while declaring victory. Is that really any different than what we’re witnessing now? As long as the ends justify the means for Donald J. Trump, it’s everybody else’s fault for letting him win.


Photo illustration by Edward Lynn

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