Trump Brags Voters 'Lucky' He 'Gave' Them the 'Privilege' of Voting For Him - Internet Melts Down

Trump Brags Voters ‘Lucky’ He ‘Gave’ Them the ‘Privilege’ of Voting For Him – Internet Melts Down

So it seems that President Trump is polishing his crown, as he believes America’s voters are so lucky, so happy that he gave them the “privelege” of electing him President.

That’s right. Yes, he actually said that. I know this article will get lots of comments from his defenders who will insist that he didn’t, but he did. I know that there will be plenty of “ditto-heads” as Rush Limbaugh likes to call the sort, who’ll ignore the video of the man saying this to insist or otherwise excuse it, but he does, and there’s no excuse for it.

I know Trump’s brainwashed minions will call it “fake news”. It’s not.

Don’t believe it? Here he is, speaking on Monday.

See for yourself.

And, you guessed it, people have plenty to say about that…

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Featured illustration by Reverb Press, from Trump family photo, via Twitter, Fair Use, Crown and Thought Bubble Public Domain, via Pixabay.

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