Trump Celebrates American Manufacturing While Using Cheap Labor Overseas

Trump Celebrates American Manufacturing While Using Cheap Labor Overseas

Both the Trump Organization and Ivanka Trump Brand Guilty

As of the writing of this article, Pres. Trump is at the White House celebrating administration’s latest messaging campaign labeled “Made in America” week.  According to the White House website, the President will be hosting,

…[C]ompanies from across the country at the White House for the Made in America Product Showcase. The White House is highlighting and celebrating each state’s effort and commitment to American made products by bringing in and showing off products from all 50 states that are made and produced in the United States.

Pres. Trump is touring products tabled at the White House with various products from manufacturers in each of the 50 states in an obvious effort to court the American blue-collar worker who may be a key to a second term in 2020. So shouldn’t the glaring hypocrisy among those in the West Wing affect the substance of this effort when the Trump Organization and Ivanka’s brand both have products made overseas? Well, apparently it’s lost on the party-line expressed by Press Sec. Sean Spicer today at the daily press briefing from the White House.

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According to, Spicer failed to make any substantial comments refuting the claims of contradictions between the Trump’s reliance on overseas labor while advocating for more manufacturing here in America. According to, one reporter asked bluntly,   “…as part of ‘Made in America’ week, if the Trump Organization or Ivanka Trump’s brands will make any kind of commitment to stop manufacturing gifts, clothes and other wares abroad.”

Spicer answered in the audio-only news conference,

I can tell you in some cases there are certain supply chains or scalability that might not be available. I’m not going to comment on specific products, but I will tell you the overall arching goal is to grow the US manufacturing base and to grow US workers here.

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And In terms of Ivanka’s fashion-line being made anywhere in the world, except the U.S., where cost is cheap and labor rights are quashed by oppressive governments (see here),

I can tell you it depends on the product. Certain industries we don’t do as much anymore in terms of scalability. Certain things we may not have capacity to do here in terms of a plant or a factory.

Spicer than tried to turn the conversation to a common retort from a pro-business, conservative narrative tying it to the tax reform issue,

The beauty of a capitalistic society is a lower tax rate will grow businesses. But business leaders, when asked, ‘What will you do if the tax rate drops?’ say they will invest and build more.

Hopefully those blue-collar workers being targeted by Trump today will see that there are two different realities between business practices and political posturing in today’s White House.

(Header Image Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

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