Trump Disgustingly Spends Father's Day Hating on Obama

Trump Disgustingly Spends Father’s Day Hating on Obama (TWEETS)

Father’s Day was founded back in 1910 by a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd as a way of honoring her father, a veteran of the American Civil War. Since then, it has grown into a day of celebration for all dads, regardless of race or sexual orientation, and a day of country unification in the weeks before the Fourth of July.

Unfortunately, this is not the case if you are President Donald Trump. Trump has been a terrible President, and an arguably worse father as three of his five children have become enemies of progressivism and worked towards spreading the disgusting Republican agenda. The Trump Family as a whole has betrayed American values, and it all arguably stems back to Trump’s own father, whom iconic singer Woody Guthrie pointed out was a disturbing racist.

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Regardless, as this is the first Father’s Day under the Trump Presidency, he had an opportunity to at least pretend that he cares about the patriarchs in the United States. But of course, even that paltry standard would be too high for someone like Trump. Taking to Twitter, Trump instead chose to spend his time doing three things: promoting his ego, promoting his agenda, and hating on former President Obama.

First up came his cheering of the “Make America Great Again” agenda, which he declared a “success” despite not passing any major piece of legislation and having some of his goals stalled (such as the immigration ban). Next up was his truthful claim that he had successfully gotten a Supreme Court Justice (through cheating), and that he would be working towards passing a healthcare bill (evidently a revised American Health Care Act, which the Congressional Budget Office estimated back in May would remove health care from 23 million Americans).

And finally came the coup de grâce: a trip down ego lane. The President cited a survey by the polling company Rasmussen Reports that showed he had an approval rating of 50 percent, which was “higher than O’s #’s!” It’s worth pointing out that, while polls were proven last year to be largely inaccurate measures of public opinion, Rasmussen has had a strong history of being biased towards Republican candidates, thereby proving it to be nothing more than another Fox News echo chambers for conservatives.

On a side note, Obama took the high road by sending these two messages to his fellow Americans:

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