Trump to Exclusive Mar-a-Lago Dinner Guests: 'You All Just Got a Lot Richer'

Trump to Exclusive Mar-a-Lago Dinner Guests: ‘You All Just Got a Lot Richer’

As Trump settles in for yet another vacation at his Mar-a-Lago estate — each of which costs taxpayers an estimated $3 million dollars – the rest of the nation nervously adjusts to what life might look like under the newly signed Republican tax plan.

Trump’s exclusive guests at Mar-a-Lago, however, already know. On Friday, during a dinner at the West Palm Beach resort, Trump spoke to some fellow guests and put everyone at ease;

“You all just got a lot richer.” 

This is according to a CBS News, report, and is confirmed by at least two people in attendance.

This, from a man who has spent months telling the American people that the tax plan would put more money in the working man’s pocket. Reality is something completely different, however. The plan, which by conservative estimates will add $1.4 trillion dollars to the deficit, contains massive giveaways to the richest 1% of Americans (like those in attendance at Mar-a-Lago), and huge corporate tax breaks, which are permanent. Any tax cuts that are seen by middle and low-income workers are temporary, with some expiring in as soon as 3 years. One recent poll showed only 29% of Americans approved of the plan, which was quickly rammed through by Republicans as the holidays approached. It was signed into law on Friday.

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Trump’s popularity is already at historic lows — 37% — making him the most unpopular president ever at this stage of a presidency. Add in the palpable anger from Americans over the tax plan, and one recent poll suggests that Trump’s debacle of a presidency might hang in the balance in 2020. Whether Trump’s brazen comments to his fellow dinners at Mar-a-Lago adds to that anger remains to be seen, but one would think that slowly but surely the public will have, by 2020, seen enough.

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