BREAKING: Trump Foundation Admits To Pattern Of SLEAZY Corrupt Dealings In Uncovered Tax Documents

BREAKING: Trump Foundation Admits To Pattern Of SLEAZY Corrupt Dealings In Uncovered Tax Documents

2015 Tax Filings By Donald J. Trump Foundation Show Admission Of ‘Self-Dealing’

Now that the 2016 election is over, it seems Donald Trump has decided to discard incredibly dirty laundry that could have possibly cost him the White House. A few days ago, Trump settled the lawsuit against Trump University (disclaimer: not a real university) for $25 million in order to now focus on his new job. And now, the 2015 tax filings for the Donald J. Trump Foundation have admitted it has engaged in acts of “self-dealing” and done so for years.

The Washington Post reported on the documents, which were posted by the nonprofit-tracking site Guidestar. “Self-dealing” is essentially when someone running a nonprofit uses the charity’s funds for their own interest or the interest of their family. The admission of guilt in the filings is clearly noted:

In one section of the form, the IRS asked if the Trump Foundation had transferred “income or assets to a disqualified person.” A disqualified person, in this context, might be Trump — the foundation’s president — or a member of his family, or a Trump-owned business.

The foundation checked “yes.”

Another line on the form asked if the Trump Foundation had engaged in any acts of self-dealing in prior years. The Trump Foundation checked “yes” again.

The documents leave many things unclear. There is no indication of how many years this has gone on or what is the nature of the violations. The Post also couldn’t confirm whether these were the exact forms filed by the foundation to the IRS.

Previously, the foundation had used funds to purchase things like paintings of Donald Trump and a football helmet autographed by Tim Tebow. These tax filings were the first time the foundation admitted to owning these items, all of which were now valued by nonprofit at well below what was paid:

But it listed market values far below what the foundation had paid: the helmet was valued at $475. The portrait purchased for $20,000 was valued at $700. And the portrait purchased for $10,000 was valued at $500.

The helmet was won at an auction for a bid of $12,000.

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Money had also been used to settle legal disputes at one of Trump’s clubs and one of his golf courses.

Another revelation in the documents is particularly interesting considering all of the alarms that were sounded over Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation and the possibility of pay-to-play politics that were raised surrounding it.

In addition, the Trump Foundation reported a $150,000 gift from the foundation of Viktor Pinchuk, a powerful Ukrainian steel magnate. That was the first such gift from Pinchuk.

Pinchuk, who supports closer ties between Ukraine and western nations, had also pledged large donations to the foundation of Trump’s presidential opponent, Hillary Clinton. Those donations, pledged to the Clinton Foundation while Clinton was secretary of state, raised questions about whether Clinton had conflicts of interest when she met with her family foundation’s donors.

A spokesman for Pinchuk’s foundation said that the gift was made as part of an agreement for Trump to speak — via video link — to a conference Pinchuk organized in September 2015. The conference, called the Yalta European Strategy Annual meeting, was held in Kiev. At the time of his 20-minute speech, titled “How New Ukraine’s Fate Affects Europe and the World,” Trump was already a presidential candidate.

In other words, a large donation was made to a active presidential candidate’s admittedly self-dealing foundation by a foreign entity with a specific agenda. Draw your own conclusions.

So, now that the presidential election is over and Donald Trump won the electoral college and lost the popular vote by a huge margin, he is finally ready to air the dirty laundry that probably would have kept him from the Oval Office. There were many who suspected the Donald J. Trump Foundation was involved in questionable practices. Now, the definitive proof is laid before us.

Featured image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images.

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