Trump Incites 'Compassionate Christians' to Boo Cancer-fighting Veteran McCain at CPAC (VIDEO)

Trump Incites ‘Compassionate Christians’ to Boo Cancer-fighting Veteran McCain at CPAC (VIDEO)

Donald Trump Just Can’t Stop Himself From Mocking Illness and Disability

Conservative luminaries, politicians, and lobbyists are gathered in Washington right now for the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), as they have each year since the Nixon Administration. There is one past participant, however, who is not in attendance. A man who twice finished as the runner-up for their annual presidential straw-poll: Senator John McCain (R-AZ). That’s because McCain, as we all know by now, is battling a severe form of brain cancer at his home in Sedona, Arizona. However, that didn’t stop President Donald Trump from mocking McCain — again.

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Speaking to the conference about his inability to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Trump spoke about McCain’s early morning decision to vote against the repeal by offering a “thumbs down” hand gesture on the floor of the Senate:

Except for one senator, who came into the room at three o’clock in the morning and went like that (mocking the thumbs down signal), we would have had healthcare too! 

Trump dramatized McCain’s full arm gesture that the Senator made in announcing his vote. Which should come as no surprise, this is “Trump being Trump.” Except this goes beyond normal Trump theatrics.

Senator McCain wasn’t flailing his whole arm to give a signal because he has a flair for the dramatic. Quite the opposite. McCain has limited mobility in his shoulder due to wounds he sustained as a Prisoner of War in the infamous “Hanoi Hilton” during the Vietnam War. The same war which Trump himself took five deferments to avoid. This wasn’t the first time Trump mocked McCain’s captivity in that war, having infamously said during the 2016 Presidential primaries that McCain wasn’t a war hero because he got captured.

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Needless to say, the horde of so-called Christian conservatives in attendance ate the president’s criticism of the cancer patient and former Republican Presidential Nominee up like deep-fried Twinkies, booing the Senator soundly.

But Trump wasn’t finished. After promising to bring “better” healthcare to the country, he went back to attacking McCain:

“Remember, one person walked into a room, when he was supposed to go this way, and he said he was going this way, and he walked in ,and he went this way and everyone said, ‘What happened? What was that all about?’ Boy, oh, boy. Who was that? I don’t know. I don’t want to be controversial, so I won’t use his name. Okay. What a mess.” 

This is what the party of Abraham Lincoln and Dwight Eisenhower has devolved into. A party that not only celebrates restricting healthcare but mocks the ill. A party that claims to love the military yet dismisses heroic, life-threatening combat service.

This is Donald Trump’s Party


Photo Credit: Washington Examiner on Twitter

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