Trump Social Media Director Busted Tweeting Fake News

Trump Social Media Director Busted Tweeting Fake News, Gets Eviscerated

We have repeatedly praised social media in the past for being able to give both movements and under-covered stories the attention they deserve. But they have also allowed fake news to gain a greater amount of exposure than before. Whether it’s Russian cyber-terrorists deliberately spreading misinformation across counties or a sensational story taken out of context, fake news is an epidemic.

It does not help, then, when you have factual media sources being labeled fake news by the President of the United States. Ever since the first official White House press conference, the Trump Administration has been arguably at war with all forms of the news media that do not cater to his views, from mainstream giants like CNN to respected papers like The Washington Post. Unless a source is willing to batter itself in conservative flour, it is liable to being at odds with Trump’s lies.

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Of course, the firing of Steve Bannon caused Trump to lose the right-wing rag Breitbart as an ally, but his administration still remains committed to spreading misinformation. If one thinks we are being sensational, they only have to look at the recent post of White House Social Media Director Dan Scavino Jr., who tweeted out a video that allegedly showed the Miami International Airport getting flooded.

Only, it turned out to not exactly be true. And by not true, we mean completely false. It was of a completely different airport, as the Miami International Airport Twitter account pointed out, prompting Scavino to admit he was sorry and take down the video:

As one can clearly see, though, Scavino was not apologizing for spreading fake news: he was doing the classic Republican tactic of pushing the blame onto someone else. Apparently Scavino thinks he is free from wrongdoing for not properly verifying something he shared. As a politician, this is embarrassing enough, but as the Director of Social Media it is ridiculous.

Luckily, many users of Twitter agreed and decided to teach him a lesson. Check out the best responses below:

Image by Jabin Batsford/Getty Images

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