BUSTED! Swing State Trump Staffer Convicted On Multiple Counts Of Felony Election Fraud

BUSTED! Swing State Trump Staffer Convicted On Multiple Counts Of Felony Election Fraud


A painful pattern is developing in the pending presidency of Donald J Trump: blatant hypocrisy. He constantly criticized “Crooked Hillary” Clinton for her paid speeches to Goldman Sachs yet tabbed a former Goldman Sachs partner to be Treasury Secretary. He whined incessantly about conflicts of interest under Clinton’s State Department, but his transition to date has been one massive scam to protect his own business interests. And don’t even try to comprehend the flirtation with David Petraeus. Now,  not long after a massive, unhinged tweet-storm where he pulled a fictitious allegation about winning the popular vote due to voter fraud, a Trump staffer in Michigan has been found guilty on 10 counts of felony election fraud. The Grand Haven Tribune reports:

It took less than an hour Wednesday for a jury to convict political activist Brandon Michael Hall on 10 counts of election law fraud, following a day-and-a-half trial in Ottawa County Circuit Court.

Hall was charged with election law fraud after forging signatures on petitions in a 2012 effort to get judicial candidate Chris Houghtaling on the ballot.

Local courts initially agreed with Hall’s position that the case should be tried as a misdemeanor, based on a statement printed on the petitions, but the Attorney General’s Office appealed the case through the court system until the Michigan Supreme Court made the decision. That’s why it took so long for the case to come to trial.

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Hall, as the local source notes, was a member of Trump’s campaign team in the battleground state of Michigan:

Hall has stayed busy the past few years working on various political campaigns across the country and most recently ran for the state House 89th District seat, but he was defeated in the Republican primary in August. He also worked on President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign.

He was even photographed with the Republican nominee:

The Few Allegations of 2016 Fraud All Trace Back To Republicans

The President-Elect can believe whatever he wants, yet facts continue to fly in direct opposition to nearly everything he indiscriminately says or tweets. The disconnect between Trumpland and reality is clearly expanding at record speed. An investigation by The Washington Post into substantiated claims of voter fraud in 2016 — all four of them — and found that they all shared a common party line:

  • A Des Moines, Iowa woman was caught attempting to vote a second time for Donald Trump. 
  • An employee of the Trump campaign in Texas was also busted voting twice. 
  • The widow of a Republican Election Judge sent an absentee ballot for her deceased husband in Illinois. 
  • A Florida woman hired to process absentee ballots was filling in circles for the Republican mayoral candidate she backed in Miami. 

The myth of mass voter fraud has long been debunked. While it remains a great soundbite to rally “the poorly educated“, it’s simply not true. It’s nothing more than an end-around to help disenfranchise minority voters. (And sometimes it backfires).  In the few cases where it occurs, it’s primarily committed in favor of the Republican candidate. In the wake of the multiple-felony conviction, it’s time we stop giving the GOP the benefit of the doubt.

We can no longer allow them to ask “Who are you going to believe? Me, or your lying eyes?”

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