Trump Supporter Tells Protesters To 'Go To F*cking Auschwitz' (VIDEO)

Trump Supporter Tells Protesters To ‘Go To F*cking Auschwitz’ (VIDEO)

Trump supporter to protesters: Go to fucking Auschwitz!

We all know Donald Trump supporters are fucking awful. We’ve seen Trump’s supporters throw protesters to the ground, we saw a black woman get pushed around by a veteran and white nationalist, we saw one black protester get sucker punched in the mouth as he was leaving a Trump rally. We saw the riots in Chicago where both sides clashed violently after protesters shut a Trump rally down. We know Trump supporters support mass deportation by any means necessary, travel bans for Muslims, illegal torture practices for suspected terrorists that also involves killing their entire families, and are anti-Black Lives Matter — from that we can surmise they’re racist and bigoted blights on our country. Human rights and laws mean nothing to them, as long as they get theirs.

Trump has also been frequently compared to Adolf Hitler because he scapegoats groups for the country’s problems much like the German dictator scapegoated the Jews. Many people in the country feel like we’re seeing exactly what the climate was like in 1930’s Germany that led to the rise of a sociopathic fascist like Hitler.

So it’s no surprise this guy in the video below would tell people he doesn’t agree with to go to the worst concentration camp that claimed millions of innocent lives. He seems to want to see a sequel. The man with a Trump sign was passing by a group of protesters outside a Trump rally in Cleveland Saturday when he tells protesters to “go to fucking Auschwitz.” Apparently people deserve to be starved, tortured and killed just for exercising their First Amendment rights to peacefully assemble and protest.

This is where Trump’s hateful, divisive rhetoric has led as many predicted. And it needs to stop because it’s becoming dangerous.

Watch the video:

[brid video=”30119″ player=”5260″ title=”Trump supporter at a rally telling protesters “Go to Auschwitz. Go to fucking Auschwitz.””]

Featured Image via The Guardian Screen Capture

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Jenna lives in the bowels of the disgustingly hot state of Arizona among Tea Partiers, gun nuts, and racists. She is an activist, writer and politics junkie who is optimistic that stupid, can indeed, be fixed.