Trump Throws Juvenile Temper Tantrum After Being Spurned by NBA's Steph Curry

Trump Throws Juvenile Temper Tantrum After Being Spurned by NBA’s Steph Curry

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For eight months America has suffered through the embarrassment of a president who is more child than man. Donald Trump reacts to events with the temperament of a six year old throwing a tantrum. In many instances the potential for serious harm is obvious and imminent. That’s especially prevalent in his juvenile bickering with “Rocket Man” Kim Jung Un of North Korea.

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But even on less serious matters, Trump manages to display a disturbing absence of common maturity. Whether it’s a manifestation of long-standing personality defects or the onset of senility is an open question. The result is the same. And it can be seen clearly in Trump’s latest Twitter tirade. On Saturday morning Trump lashed out at Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors:

Donald Trump vs. Steph Curry

The first thing to note is that Curry was not hesitating. He explicitly said that “I don’t want to go.” And he elaborated on that saying that he hoped to “inspire some change when it comes to what we tolerate in this country.” Curry was cognizant of the fact that declining the White House invitation isn’t going to “miraculously make everything better.” But he regards it as an appropriate use of the opportunity he has to stand up for ethical principles. He has the support of many of his teammates and even his coach, Steve Kerr.

As for Trump, he apparently was watching his favorite TV show on Fox News, Fox and Friends, when they did a segment on this. His tweet came less than twenty minutes later. And the tone was blatantly petty and vengeful. The absurdity of the President withdrawing an invitation from someone who had already declined is cringeworthy. He is lost in a fog of self-absorption and ego gratification. He thinks that a visit to his White House is a privilege reserved for certified members of the Trump cult. But as fellow NBA star Lebron James tweeted, “Going to White House was a great honor until you showed up!” Also, Trump should know that Curry has already been to the White House to visit a real president:

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Trump’s World

This is another example of the broad embarrassment Trump has brought to America. His ignorant outbursts and boorish behavior have alienated our closest allies. At the same time he has cozied up to and praised our enemies. Before he has even completed his first year as president he diminished the nation’s reputation throughout the world. And at home he is breaking records for low approval ratings. If he thinks that feuding with popular sports figures like Curry or the NFL’s Colin Kaepernick, he is even dumber than the Deplorables who worship him.

Featured Photo: Official White House, Photo by Pete Souza.

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