Trump Targets Jeff Sessions, Just About Everyone Else in Latest Unhinged Twitter Tirade

Trump Targets Jeff Sessions, Just About Everyone Else in Latest Unhinged Twitter Tirade

He Referred to his Handpicked Choice for Attorney General as ‘Our Beleaguered AG’

Jeff Sessions has suddenly found himself in the crosshairs of Donald Trump for doing something met with near universal and bipartisan support: recusing himself from the investigation into Russian attempts to manipulate the 2016 elections. Considering the timing — the Attorney General made the announcement on March 2 — Trump’s criticism of Sessions’ decision has suddenly become news again on the heels of a colorful New York Times interview in which the president stated that he wouldn’t have hired the former Alabama Senator had he known he would take this course of action. Even though Republicans were quick to defend the AG almost instantaneously, the President decided to kick the week off on Twitter by putting a continued focus on the recusal and the investigation:

As if we should expect any less, Trump satiated his loyal fans by playing one of his greatest hits, “Crooked Hillary”. (If you’re keeping score at home, this is the 213th time he’s used the phrase on twitter). But Sessions and Clinton were hardly the only focus of the Monday morning diatribe. The president unwittingly bolstered the rising profile of Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA). Schiff has become arguably the most important voice among congressional Democrats in part to his role as Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee. Naturally, Trump felt the need to provide Schiff with one of his infamous prefacing insults:

Trump Falls Back on Tired Criticism of the Media and Obamacare

With his disparaging insults out of the way, Trump reached back into that collection of his standards. In the process, he displayed a shocking misunderstanding of plumbing. For a man who claims to have amassed a fortune in building, one would think that he’d be aware that a sewer was, by definition, a drain itself:

It’s already been reported that he believes the President has the power to self-pardon. Now it seems he thinks he has the authority to make “fake news” a proper noun. And last, but not least, good old Obamacare. Despite continual attempts to repeal or replace (to say nothing of the inability to do both simultaneously), the President is yet again imploring congressional Republicans to blow up almost 18% of our economy.

He is correct in the fact that the GOP has spent nearly a decade campaigning on repealing the ACA. What he fails to mention, and what the public, in general, has refused to hold the party accountable for, is that no plan to replace the bill has ever truly been put forth to the American people. the Republican Party did not have the infrastructure of a replacement bill as part of their platform. They never campaigned on a formal proposal. Their message was basically “Trust us, we’ll do something better”.

As the political graveyard begins to fill with half-hearted attempts to change health care in America, it’s increasingly clear that that trust was misplaced. Just as the trust in our “beleaguered” president was as well.

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Photo Credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images and Donald J Trump on Twitter

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