Trump's Business Failures Are Numerous And Worrying

5 Of Trump’s Many, Many Terrible Business Failures He’s Not Bragging About

Trump’s Business Failures And Bankruptcies Demonstrate Why He Should NEVER Be President

“Make America great again?” It’s funny how the Trump campaign has the audacity to suggest that moving forward rather than backward is a horrible concept. Even more hilarious? Trump’s business failures and bankruptcies. And they are NUMEROUS.

In fact, and as the Fiscal Times points out, all anyone has to do is go digging into Trump’s business history and you can get a picture of just how many poor business decisions “The Donald” has made and how many bankruptcies he’s had over the years. It’s enough to easily explain how Trump has made out so well in the election. Uniting his base in fear and hate keeps them from focusing on how unqualified this man is to run a country. At least, run it anywhere but into the ground.

Don’t believe me? Well, let’s take a gander at some of the many business failings and bankruptcies of Donald J. Trump.

Donald Creates Trump Mortgage — A Few Months Before The Housing Crisis.

Donald Trump started a mortgage company called Trump Mortage in April 2006, just months ahead of the housing crisis hitting full force. Even as Ameriquest, one of the largest subprime lenders in the United States was closing up shop, Donald was insisting to anyone that would listen that it was te perfect time to start a mortgage business.

Trump was characteristically upbeat, vowing that Trump Mortgage would become the nation’s top home lender. He told Maria Bartiromo, “I think it’s a great time to start a mortgage company,” adding, “who knows about financing better than I do?” 

Adding insult to inevitable injury, Trump let his company be headed up by E.J. Ridings, a friend of his son’s. It just so happens that Ridings lied his ass off about his various qualifications and was absolutely unqualified for the position. Let’s see: Poorly timed company creation, failure to read the market, nepotism, inability to fact-check employee backgrounds. What could possibly go wrong?

Trump’s mortgage company closed in August 2007, just a year after opening. Trump’s egotistical optimism was replaced with a carefree shrug, declaring that “the mortgage business is not a business I particularly liked or wanted to be part of in a very big way.” Sure. By the way, Donald patently ignored the ONGOING HOUSING CRISIS to try again with another mortgage company (Trump Financial) that also went belly-up.

‘Trump: The Game’…Because Whoever Heard Of Monopoly?

The creation of a board game may have been one of Trump’s business failures that would prove to be more comical than harmful. It’s as if Donald Trump thought he could slap his name onto a Monopoly board, edit it to be more convoluted and less interesting, and people would run down the street in the middle of the night to buy it.

“In Trump: the Game players compete in two parts. In the first part, players circle the board, feeding money into the eight available properties, then bidding on those properties (not being able to see how much the property is worth) and collecting Trump cards.

When all the properties are gone, the negotiation phase begins. Players use their Trump cards to buy and sell properties, some cards award huge payoffs for specific sets. After each player has passed their turn, the property values are revealed, and the player with the most money wins (usually in the $400-$600M range).”

What the f...?

Donald Trump thought The Apprentice would make Americans interested in his bizarre board game concepts.


(For more of Donald Trump’s business failures and bankruptcies, click here to go to page 2.)

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Toni Matthews is a writer who often blends unapologetic bluntness with playful humor. If you are willfully ignorant of matters that affect disenfranchised citizens while often declaring yourself a good and proud American, she WILL hurt your feelings.