Twitter SHREDS Tweeter-In-Chief Trump On Inauguration Day

Twitter SHREDS Tweeter-In-Chief Trump On Inauguration Day

Twitter Made Us Laugh Even As We Cried

For many, watching Donald Trump swearing in as the 45th President of the United States was anything but smile-inducing. Sorrow as we watched President Barack Obama, all intellect and dignity and quiet strength, leave the office he held with such honor for eight years? Yes. Nostalgia as we watched Michelle clasp hands with her husband? Of course. Panic and terror as we watched Trump raise his hand and swear to uphold the Constitution?


For the majority of America, laughter is the last reaction we expect to have.

But liberals have a good sense of humor, even when it’s dark. And it may be that the majority of our humor over the next four years will continue to be dark.

Twitter, as it often does, provided many of us with a plethora of such examples. And there is something fitting about watching Twitter take down the man who is now known as our “Tweeter-in-Chief.”

Trump Inauguration Completely Wrecked…In 140 Characters Or Less

So go ahead and get a few laughs from our round-up of best inauguration tweets. Laughter is better than crying, but either way, when you’re done, act. Find something. Do something. Protest. Speak up. Speak out. Act. And remember, we are not in the minority here. We are the actual majority. And we are loud.

We are also, thankfully, funny as well.

If he did, considering the size of the crowd, I’m not sure he even used it.

And all of America, too.

No wonder Trump wants to slash funding for the arts.

The comparison is apt.

Seems like a valid question. Also, if CNN reported it, did it really happen, or was it just “fake news”?

In other words, when the new administration wipes out hope, we can always manufacture some of our own, right? RIGHT?

When you look at your friend and don’t even have to say a word.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…and that’s two of them.

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Hey – uterus knows best.

Our faces for the next four years, basically.

And because when we are done laughing, and crying, we need to remember that there is plenty of work to do, let’s end this with a tweet from the woman that Russia feared so much they rigged the election in favor of the other guy, that Republicans were so terrified of they spent twenty years smearing her, who was wrongly maligned by the FBI just days before the election…

And still won the popular vote by nearly 3 million.

David Ramos/Getty Images

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