US Mayor Blasts Trump for being a 'Bully' and a 'Punk'

US Mayor Blasts Trump for Being a ‘Bully’ and a ‘Punk’ (VIDEO)

Trump gets called out

The word bully has frequently been associated with Donald Trump ever since he began his campaign for the presidency. From mocking disabled people to insulting veterans to kicking out reporters, Trump gained a reputation for putting down those who did not agree with him, and with the bully pulpit of the Oval Office, he has become even more mad with power.

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Many of his horrendous actions are simply him acting on the promises he gave during the Republican Primary and general election, from attempting to pass the travel ban to pushing forward the building of the border wall. He gave his word to his base of deplorables, and since he refuses to “drain the swamp” he is stuck with pushing forward these other policies to not be made a liar.

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But these reasons do not stop his actions from actively hurting millions of people in this country. The executive order on Obamacare, for example, has already had an effect on citizens who need the subsidies to afford their healthcare.

With Federal judges, Democratic congressmen, and the Puerto Rican Mayor all standing up to him and his crude agenda, more people are joining “The Resistance” in preparation for a seemingly inevitable impeachment. One outspoken critic is the current Mayor of Philadelphia Jim Kenney. During a City Hall conference on Wednesday, Kenney had some powerful words to say to the President over his policies targeting the Haitian community.

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Just days ago, the Trump Administration announced that they would be ending the provisional residency protection for almost 60,000 Haitian immigrants that came here following the massive earthquake in Haiti in 2010. The Department of Homeland Security’s justification is that the conditions are better there. While things have improved, the fact of the matter is there is still a lot of work that needs to be done: work that the Trump White House has apparently no intention of helping with.

In response to this, Kenney talked about the lack of compassion and inherent venom created by Trump:

“There is no compassion whatsoever in the White House. I’m just beside myself with sadness because our president is a bully, our president is a punk, and he just doesn’t get it.”

“I don’t know where he was raised, but his family didn’t do a good job raising that guy.”

Well, considering the disgusting history of Trump’s own father, we do not think this is far from the truth.

Image a screen capture from ABC News Video

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