WATCH Ben Carson Blame the Poor for Their Own Poverty

Watch Trump’s Uncle Tom HUD Sec. Ben Carson dumbfoundingly defend blaming poverty… on the poor

Ben Carson is attacking the poor again

Former neurosurgeon and current Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson is the best example of someone both (presumably) intelligent and infuriatingly dense. While famous for being the first person to successfully surgically separate conjoined twins at the head, he has also revealed his idiocy when it comes to historical and political topics, from claiming that the pyramids were built to store grain to saying that Mahmoud Abbas, Ali Khamenei, and Vladimir Putin knew each other “in the class of 1968 at Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow.”

However, one of his more damaging views, especially as Secretary of Housing, is his views on the impoverished. Carson gained infamy in May of this year when he stated that poverty was “a state of mind” and reignited nonsensical conspiracy theories about the welfare queen that Ronald Reagan brought up in the 80s.

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Now Carson is trying to make up for those words, not by rescinding them like a decent human being, but instead doubling down on them. In a speech before the Housing and Urban Development Oversight Committee, Carson had this to say:

“Sometimes I get a little bit tired of people ascribing to me things that people have said that I believe. When I say that poverty is largely a state of mind, what I’m saying is that the way that people approach things has a lot to do with what happens to them.”

While having a positive state of mind is definitely a factor towards helping one’s well-being, Carson seems ignorant to the basic fact that poverty is a cycle that cannot be ended without increases to the minimum wage, universal healthcare, and affordable housing amongst a plethora of other socioeconomic factors.

Fighting depression can theoretically be done, but fighting against societal burdens is near-impossible. Check out the video footage below:

Image a screen capture from RawStory’s YouTube

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