Watch This Emotional Coal Country Woman Explain Why She No Longer Trusts Trump (VIDEO)

Watch This Emotional Coal Country Woman Explain Why She No Longer Trusts Trump (VIDEO)

West Virginia Woman Calls ‘Three Strikes’ Against Trump

Donald Trump supporters across the United States are starting to have doubts about the New York businessman who narrowly won the Electoral College. This was powerfully evidenced by a Gallup poll showing a steep decline in how much voters trust Trump, published Monday. But it’s important to look beyond the statistics and understand the individual motivations behind the trend. Now, a West Virginia woman who supported Trump reveals why she realized she and her husband no longer trust Trump.

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The powerful video of the woman emotionally explaining how she lost her faith in Trump after “3 strikes” against him was filmed by journalist Alexandra Gallo and posted live on Facebook on April 14th. It was filmed at a meeting to protect miners’ benefits against cuts.

In a previous video, the woman speaking explains her name is Deana Lucion, and her husband is a coal miner; and her father, grandfather and uncles were miners. She says that West Virginia coal miners “are a forgotten group.” And that even though they risk their lives to power America’s homes, no one in power has held up their end of the bargain to protect and look out for them.

Lucion, wearing a camouflage miners’ union t-shirt explains how Trump lost her support.

“I wanted to say that I was a Trump supporter. I respect the president because that is my right and my duty as an American citizen. I’m supposed to do that. All my family served in the military as well, so I was taught to respect my elders. 

“But now I see all the things going on, it’s kind of changed my mind about things. Our children are hurting and starving. They’re getting poisoned just as well as the kids over in Syria. Why did he have to go over there and bomb and spend more tax money on things?

“I’ve seen on the internet where he doesn’t even have a plan for retired miners. So that was strike 2 against him. 

“And I’m just really scared of the way things are going to go for my children. That’s the main thing. And all children, you know. Or elderly people. 

“He’s cutting Meals on Wheels. He’s cut WIC. He’s cut SNAP. There’s just a lot of programs, especially in McDowell County, that we rely upon, that our people are just going to die out. Three strikes you’re out. And I just don’t understand, a man that promised so much; he’s delivered nothing as of what I see, so…

“Like I said, I do respect him because he is our president, but he’s showing me nothing right now, and I’m just, I’m terrified that things are going to get worse. They’re just going to keep fattening their pockets and we’re going to die off. That’s how it feels.” 

Later in the video, someone off camera asks Lucion, “If you could speak to Donald Trump right now what would you say?” She replies,

“I would just say to keep your promise to do what you said that you were going to do. So far you’re not showing me anything. My husband voted for Trump, too, and he’s starting to slowly die away from that as well because he’s seeing what actions being taken. Who’s side he’s on. He said he was on our side but now he’s on fattening the pockets.” 

This video is a powerful reminder that although racism and bigotry clearly motivated a lot of Trump supporters, for others, economic desperation was a powerful motivation. For those hoping to weaken Americans’ support for Trump, compassion is far better than schadenfreude when approaching former Trump supporters who begin to see Trump for the con man that he is.

Featured image via Alexandra Gallo/ live Facebook video screencap

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