Watch Fed Up Fox News Host Utterly Eviscerate Trump: You 'Don't Even Border on Being Human'

Watch Fed Up Fox News Host Utterly Eviscerate Trump: You ‘Don’t Even Border on Being Human’

Neil Cavuto of Fox News Angrily Scolds Donald Trump Over Childishness

Defending the childish antics of Republican Donald Trump gets tougher and tougher everyday for conservatives. Even those at Fox News occasionally can’t take the lunacy and just have to give the president an earful over his absurdities. Recently, it was afternoon host Neil Cavuto that scolded the Commander in Chief like a “kindergartner” that just refuses to act normal.

Cavuto used three minutes of his show to berate Trump over his senseless public feuds that are accomplishing a whole lot of nothing for the country. The Fox News host tore into the president concerning his “over the top” reactions to criticisms from Republican Senator Jeff Flake and the father of a UCLA player accused of shoplifting in China. Cavuto states (full video below):

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Forget about either comment not being presidential. At what point does the President see such remarks don’t even border on being human?

…Is it me or does the president look like he’s punching down when these are the incidents that get him all riled up. Like he’s using a bazooka to respond to a peashooter. Is it really necessary?

Cavuto then points out the players involved in the China incident did in fact thank the president during their press conference. And he notes how Jeff Flake “saved his real fire for Roy Moore”, the Republican Senate candidate in Alabama accused by numerous women of sexual misconduct with teenagers.

The Fox News host raises the warning flag to Donald Trump over alienating a Republican Senator at a time when the GOP is trying to pass its tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations and have little room for error. Cavuto then ends with a call for the president to actually pretend like he’s the most powerful person in the world.

Pick your fights, because neither of these seems worth the fuss. You wanted a “thank you”, you got it. You wanted a reason to go after a Senator you hate, you pounced on it. 

But last time I checked, you are the President of the United States! Why don’t you act like it?

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It’s clear that many shows on Fox News favor Republican Donald Trump and many aspects of his unpopular agenda. But, occasionally, his tantrums can rile people like Neil Cavuto to the point where even they can no longer take his ridiculousness. Just another sign of how embarrassing and awful this president can truly be.

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