Watch Republicans Boo CPAC Speaker -- for Calling Out Sexual Abusers

Watch Republicans Boo CPAC Speaker — for Calling Out Sexual Abusers

Mona Charen Jeered For Calling Out GOP For Support Of Trump, Roy Moore

As the Me Too movement continues to gain steam, political parties have had to reckon with the abusers in their own ranks. While some missteps have happened on both sides, Republicans continue to deal with the reality that an accused and admitted sexual assaulter is the face of their party.

But their dealing with that has not gone too well. It has sometimes delved into either ignoring the accusations or having the White House call the women liars.

However, there are Republicans and conservatives who are not willing to look the other way on these many accusations. And one jarring display of that happened at CPAC this afternoon.

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Panelist Mona Charen, a Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, was asked what “riles” her up. She did not hold back in pointing out the reality the party put an accused sexual harasser in the Oval Office. She also took aim at the fact the GOP was willing to back accused child molester Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race. She stated (full video below):

I’m disappointed in people on our side for being hypocrites about sexual harassers and abusers of women who are in our party. Who are sitting in the White House. Who brag about their extramarital affairs. Who brag about mistreating women. And because he happens to have an R after his name, we look the other way. We don’t complain. 

This is a party that was ready to endorse…Roy Moore…even though he was a credibly accused child molester. You cannot claim that you stand for women and put up with that.

And what did she get for her stand? Jeers and boos from the crowd.

You can hear people yelling “Not true” from the crowd when Charen goes into the Roy Moore part. Tim Alberta of POLITICO reported she had to be escorted out by three security guards for her protection.

Charen was also booed by the crowd for criticizing the CPAC invitation to Marion Le Pen, the French nationalist hardliner. Le Pen used her speech to slam immigration policies and Islam to the cheers of the crowd. Charen called the invitation a “disgrace”.

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In other words, when it comes to denouncing racism or sexual abusers at CPAC, the crowd wants none of that.

This is the Republican Party of Donald J. Trump and it clearly will not tolerate this kind of talk from anyone. And anyone who tries to address these problems will be shouted down for saying such things.

Featured image via YouTube screen cap. 


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