Van Jones Is Sure a 'Whole Bunch' of Trump's People are Going to Jail

Ex-Obama Aide Van Jones Is Sure a ‘Whole Bunch’ of Trump’s People are Going to Jail (VIDEO)

Van Jones had some sharp words on the consequences of Flynn’s plea on the Trump administration

Michael Flynn’s cooperation with Robert Mueller was more than just a bombshell development in the Russiagate probe: it was also, for those who had been part of the Obama Administration, final proof that their suspicions about their fired former colleague were valid. Flynn, who had served as Obama’s Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, had aroused such strong suspicions of Flynn that Former President Obama actually warned then President-elect Trump about him during the transition between the two White Houses.

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It also arguably marks the beginning of the end of the Trump Administration as Flynn was more than just a simple member of the “Make America Great Again” presidential campaign. He served as a key foreign policy adviser, and evidently worked so well for Trump that he was appointed as the National Security Advisor. Now that he is under Mueller’s thumb, it means all that juicy information he obtained as a senior member of the White House can be used against the Trump Administration in a court of law.

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As a result, “CNN” contributor and former attorney Van Jones, who served as an aide of the Obama Administration, sees the end game being a “whole bunch of people” going to jail. Speaking on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Jones, citing his background in criminal justice, said that Flynn’s integral role ensured that his turning on Trump would result in a good number of individuals from Trump’s team, whether campaign, transition, or in the administration, winding up in prison, and the Russia investigation only escalating in its scope and impact.

What he actually said was “when your main home-boy turns snitch, a whole bunch’a people about to go to jail” And with a hearty laugh, too. But he may as well have paraphrased Shakespeare to say, “ask not for whom the bell tolls,” Trumpers, “it tolls for thee.”

Watch Van Jones Have A Good Laugh About Trumpers Going ‘To Jail’:

Image a screen capture from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’s YouTube channel

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