SNL Tears Apart Sarah Huckabee's History of Press Conferences

‘What’s Wrong with Me?’ SNL Tears Apart Sarah Huckabee’s History of Propaganda Press Conferences

Notice something off about Sarah Sanders’s Press Conferences? SNL did

The Trump Administration has not had a good relationship with the press. Even during his campaign trail Trump famously berated a reporter and later banned The Washington Post from interacting with this team. With control of the presidency, Trump has not wasted time ensuring that non-conservative sources be punished for their truthful coverage of his campaign’s lies.

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For most of the Administration’s first year, Trump had the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer corroborate his antagonism, starting with the very first press conference wherein he essentially declared war on the media. However, while Spicer was a horrible participator in these news bits, there was always a sense that he had elements of self-awareness, most notably through his praise of the various Saturday Night Live sketches wherein he was parodied by Melissa McCarthy.

Despite Spicer’s departure, his successor, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, has been worse than him. In the press conferences that have been hosted since her appointment, she has strongly advocated Trump’s disgusting agenda, dodged questions thrown at her, and come up with Fox News-level apologetics to defend Trump and his administration of cronies from even the slightest criticisms. This would be an admirable skill if Sanders actually did it convincingly, but the excuses have been embarrassingly conceived.

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SNL took sight of this and prepared one of their best skits yet- a music video parody of her Q & A sessions with reporters in the recent past. With Aidy Bryant starring as Sanders, check out the clip below and prepare for some humorous gags:

Image a screen capture from Saturday Night Live’s YouTube Channel

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