White Nationalist Caught On Camera Assaulting Young Black Woman At Trump Rally (VIDEO)

White Nationalist Caught On Camera Assaulting Young Black Woman At Trump Rally (VIDEO)

A White Nationalist seen shoving a protester out of a Trump rally is despicable, but what about all the ordinary people who did it too?

Tuesday, a Donald Trump rally in Louisville, Ky. was interrupted several times by Black Lives Matter protesters. As the protesters were being ejected, at least one woman can be seen on camera being assaulted and berated by several people as she walks out of the crowd.

Now, internet sleuths have tracked the man in the “Make America Great Again” hat. Turns out, he’s a white nationalist, surprise, surprise. Donald Trump may have never heard of the KKK or other white supremacy/nationalist hate groups, but members of these groups sure seem to be fond of him.

Shaun King says it won’t be long until someone is killed.

As Trump was speaking a BLM protest breaks out, Trump growls into the mic, “Get em out, get em out, get em out! OUT! OUT! OUT!” He says this to absolutely no one in particular, and the crowd seems to take it upon themselves to forcefully remove the protesters. The crowd is packed. In the full video posted by WLKY, the crowd looks similar to a mosh pit as several protesters are ejected and much pushing and shoving ensues on what appears to be both sides.

At around 28 minutes in the full-length video, we see another protester ejected, this time, one lone protester, a young black woman is being shoved out.

Watch the video posted by Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King:

The girl being assaulted is a well-respected student at the University of Louisville named Shiya Nwanguma.

Nwanguma says in an interview after the violent ejection from the rally:

“I was called a nigger and a cunt and got kicked out. They were pushing and shoving at me, cursing at me, yelling at me, called me every name in the book. They were disgusting and dangerous.”

The man in the red hat assaulting her in the video has been identified as Matthew-John Heimbacha former employee of the Illinois Department of Child Services and a self-identified white nationalist member of a group called Traditional Youth Network.

His group, Trad Youth posted this tweet following the incident at the rally:

A blog post written by Heimbach says:

“Now there’s some viral footage of several heated moments in Louisville. One features yours truly helping the crowd drive out one of the women who had been pushing, shoving, barking, and screaming at the attendees for the better part of an hour. I’ll avoid any additional Trump events to ensure that I don’t become a distraction, but the entire point of the BLM’s tactics is to push people until they push back. It won’t be me next time, but White Americans are getting fed up and they’re learning that they must either push back or be pushed down.”

That’s right Heimbach is basically innocent, there he was standing there watching Trump talk like a third grader and this woman protester came walking by beating innocent people up and he had to shove her and scream at her, he just had to! He was just “helping.”

But it wasn’t just Heimback, though he’s easy to single out. There was an elderly war veteran seen shoving this woman. In fact, men of all stripe shoved the woman and laid hands on her as she made her way out of the crowd. At one point Nwanguma stops and is looking at her phone when she is shoved hard by the veteran. The women in the crowd stared on. Police were nowhere in sight. It wasn’t just the white nationalists, who we pretty much expect to behave like assholes, she was being shoved and cursed out by ordinary people. The mob mentality that took over was a scary to behold. Not one person tried to escort her safely out.

And that, is fucking sad.

This is a glimpse of our future America unless you vote!

Featured Image via WLKY video Screen Capture

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Jenna lives in the bowels of the disgustingly hot state of Arizona among Tea Partiers, gun nuts, and racists. She is an activist, writer and politics junkie who is optimistic that stupid, can indeed, be fixed.