Violent Anti-Hillary Clinton Images Emerge From Trump Rally

Witch Hunt Rhetoric Against Hillary Clinton Will Stain The GOP Forever

witch hunt Rhetoric at trump rallies continues to repel women

Violent imagery emerges from Trump rally in Virginia Beach.

The GOP continues to prove it’s tone deaf where the largest demographic in the United States is concerned. Women made up 53 percent of voters in 2012. Over the weekend at a Trump rally in Virginia Beach, it didn’t go unnoticed to media covering the event, there were some disturbing images coming from the crowd.  Several people covering the event began tweeting what they witnessed—and it’s truly chilling. Images of Clinton’s head on a spike, or signs being held up depicting Hillary Clinton in the cross hairs clearly insinuating the desire for her to be shot.


women witnessing failed gop leadership

It hasn’t gone unnoticed to women that the GOP has continually failed to condemn the increasingly violent and sexist rhetoric directed at this nation’s first female major party nominee, and it doesn’t sit well.  Trump continues to lose the female demographic by huge margins, and it’s translating down ballot. Currently Nate Silver has the Senate flipping to Democrats at 68.3 percent.

The cracks are becoming evident in the House GOP as well, as Speaker Paul Ryan distances himself from their nominee.  In recent days polling has caused panic mode within the House GOP as they begin to show a public opinion favoring Democrat control of the congress.

As Donald Trump continues to lose the female vote by double digits, women voters have recognized that the GOP has completely ignored the issues brought to the fore by the behavior of their nominee and indeed the crowds he draws to his rallies.  The infamous Trump Tape, in which Mr Trump describes how he sexually assaults women, and gets away with it, was a very telling moment for many women.   Being completely absent any addressing of the issue of sexual assault by the GOP other than a tacit condemnation of the statements made by Trump, the GOP is telegraphing to women voters, it’s lack of concern for issues that have plagued women throughout their lives.  That coupled with the images and rhetoric coming from Trump rallies sends a clear message, that violence against women is something they are either too uncomfortable to address or it’s simply a matter they don’t care anything about.  Either way it translates into women receiving a clear message from the GOP, that their issues have no priority within the GOP, and it;s going to cost them.

Women are hearing these voices and it falls squarely on the GOP leadership, they’ve failed to put a stop to it.

[brid video=”70617″ player=”5260″ title=”Donald Trump Supporter Threatens to Assassinate Hillary Clinton ‘ I Have to Be a Patriot I Will'”]

GOP fails history

Soon after the Trump Tape became public, it shone a spotlight on an issue millions of American women have dealt with.   The GOP’s utter failure to address this issue as anything other than “locker room talk” is not only insulting to women, it telegraphs a message.  It’s a message women throughout history are keenly aware of and something the GOP has failed to consider altogether.  The optics coming from the Trump rallies are horrible.  Whether it’s Clinton being depicted caged in a parade while children are encouraged throw water balloons (metaphoric stones??) or chants of “lock her up” echoing through Trump rallies the failure of the leadership within the GOP is epic.  Women are watching what the GOP is doing right now at this moment in history, and it’s going to leave them laughably pondering why their party has become a homogenous sausage fest.  Best of luck with that Gents….

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Southern liberal, progressive, feminist.
Chihuahua wrangler, hugger of trees, believer of good. Research geek & political junkie.

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