Breitbart's Advertisers Flee After Traffic Plummets In Wake of Trump Presidency

Breitbart’s Advertisers Flee After Traffic Plummets In Wake of Trump Presidency

Advertisers are fleeing another sinking ship — and this time, it’s Breitbart. The alt-right site has lost 90 percent of its advertisers in recent months, falling from 242 in March to just 26 in May, according to data compiled by MediaRadar, a New York-based company that tracks online media advertising, reports The Washington Post. 

Breitbart has few advertisers left

And the ones that are left are kind of a mixed bag, it turns out. There’s a gentleman’s club from Northern Virginia, a golf resort near the coast of Spain and Judicial Watch, a foundation that’s well-known for its conservative views.

“Liberal activists want to destroy Breitbart, but we won’t be cowed,” said the foundation’s president, Tom Fitton. “We advertise widely on the internet, and we’re proud of the relationship and the partnerships we have.”

Judicial Watch has been advertising with Breitbart for years, Fitton said, but refused to discuss the company’s strategies, or where else it advertises.

“I’m not talking about the details of our internal decision making with the anti-Trump Washington Post,” he snapped. 

Breitbart News was founded 10 years ago and claims it was founded on the pro-freedom and pro-Israel platform. The site is a “who’s who” of the conservative world and a magnet for Trump supporters. The site’s former chairman, Steve Bannon is now Trump’s chief strategist.

And it’s a site that loves to run ridiculous headlines. Like these two, for instance, which ran Thursday:

“D.C. swamp goes crazy for James Comey hearing” and “58 scientific papers declare global warming a ‘myth.'”

But here’s what’s really shocking:

At least 2,200 companies have asked third-party vendors to pull advertising from Breitbart in the last several months. The companies include Audi, Harris Teeter, Ethan Allen and Lyft, reports Sleeping Giants, a largely anonymous activist group that tracks online data. The one notable exception? Amazon. com, which was founded by Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos, still advertises on the site.

“This is a good example of how advertisers have been suddenly shoved into the polarized political landscape,” said Media Design professor David Campbell, at the New School in New York. “It’s a post-election reality the industry was not prepared for.”

And all of this comes after the recent firing of openly racist editor Kate McHugh and the drop-kicking of Milo Yiannopolous, so this hasn’t been a particularly good year for Breitbart, it would seem, reports The Daily Kos. 

How racist was McHugh? Well, she tweeted dumb things like this:

And this:

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During the first three months of the year, MediaRadar reports that the site hosted 20 categories.  The categories included Media and Entertainment (which garnered 22 percent of total advertisers), Retail (21 percent) and Professional Services (14 percent). By April, advertising had become mostly conservative, with examples such as and American Patriot Daily.

“Breitbart’s advertising has collapsed,” said Todd Krizelman, co-founder and chief CEO of MediaRadar. “Most political sites are making less money today than they did a year ago because of the election cycle. But they’re not down 90 percent, I can guarantee that.”

Here’s even more good news:

Breitbart’s readership is also on a steep downward spiral, Mediaite reports, falling from 23 million readers in November 2016, to 10.7 million in April 2017. That’s according to ComScore, another web analytics company.

Bizarrely, the site’s vanishing traffic may be due to a “decline in the number of times Breitbart stories receive a link from Matt Drudge.

Links posted on The Drudge Report “can fuel an entire month’s worth of web traffic,” but since Bannon left Breitbart, the website has had a tough time maintaining a steady flow of Drudge links.

Breitbart is openly misogynistic and racist. If we’re lucky, it might continue it’s free-fall.

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